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Old Fashioned Recipe With Flamed Orange Peel & Pursuit United Rye

by Jim Casey
Old Fashioned Reciped With Flamed Orange Pursuit Rye Whiskey
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The Old Fashioned has been a go-to cocktail for whiskey lovers for more than 100 years. One of the reasons the classic drink remains so popular today is that it can easily be tweaked to meet your personal taste preferences. The options are abundant, including your choice of whiskeys, sweeteners, bitters, and garnishes.

For today’s recipe, we’re doubling down on the citrus by using orange-flavored bitters and a flamed orange peel. Of course, if you’re looking for old options, check out our previous Old Fashioned recipes.

Flamed Orange Old Fashioned Ingredients

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Flaming an orange peel may take a little practice, but it’s a relatively straightforward technique that can yield an enhanced orange flavor to your cocktail as the oils are caramelized. To flame an orange peel, use a fresh orange (preferably organic). Cut a twist of peel and hold it about 2 inches above the glass. With a match or lighter, warm the colored side of the peel for about 2 seconds. Then, squeeze the peel sharply. As the oils are expressed, the peel will briefly flame. Then, add the flamed peel to the cocktail.


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Add 1 tsp. sugar to a rocks glass (image 1). Add 2-3 dashes orange-flavored bitters (2). Then, add 1 tsp. water (3). Stir the sugar, bitters, and water (4).

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Add 1 large ice cube to the glass (image 5). Pour 2 oz. rye whiskey over the ice and stir for 20 seconds (6). Flame an orange peel and express orange peel oils into the drink (7). Twist orange peel and add to the glass (8).

Flamed Orange Old Fashioned Recipe
photo by Outsider

Enjoy your Flamed Orange Old Fashioned.