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Wild Common Enters Outsider-Approved Best Tequilas List

by Outsider
Wild Common Tequila

Outsider has added a new tequila to the Best Tequila List: Wild Common Reposado. Shannon Terry has added the slightly aged expression to the list and notes agave-forward flavors in his updated review of the bottle.

Wild Common is made at the family-owned Cascahuin distillery. Fifteen brands are made at the Tequila Cascahuin, S.A (NOM 1123), including Cascahuín, ArteNOM 1123, Revolucion, and Supremo.

It is confirmed additive-free by Tequila Matchmaker and the agave-forward flavor helps prove it. The juice is aged in Buffalo Trace barrels, adding a unique oaky flavor.

Wild Common was founded by Andy Bardon, a National Geographic Photographer and former Exum Mountain Guide. His experiences as an athlete and outdoor enthusiast have made him extremely aware of both the impact of what we put into our bodies as well as the impact we can make on the earth.

The brand’s site lists Salvador Rosales Trejo‚ nicknamed “Chava,” as the Master Distiller. (Hats off to you, Chava!) Wild Common’s website also emphasizes the brand’s mission to honor tradition, create clean, additive-free agave spirits, and encourage sustainability through the process.

They create agave spirits “for the Common Good.” Learn more about Wild Common‘s goals to minimize the environmental impact and celebrate transparency in all they do.

Wild Common Reposado has also been added to the “Outsider-Approved” Perfect Flight, joining the likes of G4, Tequila Tapatio, Fortaleza, and Tears of Llorona.