Wisconsin Brewer Whips Up Batch of Ukrainian-Style Beer, Plans to Donate Profits

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

Shortly after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, one of the country’s brewers, Pravda in Lviv, posted a few of their specialty beer recipes online. The purpose behind this move was to provide the opportunity for breweries from all over the world to make the Ukrainian beer to raise proceeds to help the war-torn nation. Among the breweries taking advantage of this philanthropic opportunity is Wisconsin’s Bare Bones Brewery. This midwestern brewery picked a Ukraine-created brew that is described as a “strong wheat ale.”

“I’ve got a good friend of mine in Northern Wisconsin that uh his family immigrated from Ukraine,” explains Bare Bones Brewery owner Dan Dringoli.

“So when this whole thing started I was talking with him quite a bit about his family making sure things were safe,” the beer brewer continues, adding that this is when he caught the inspiration to brew a fundraising recipe on-site to help the people of Ukraine.

“I went to my head brewer and asked him ‘can you come up with a style of beer that’s made in Ukraine?'” Dringoli tells Fox and Friends.

Wisconsin Brewer Finds the Perfect Recipe To Aid the People of Ukraine

Dringoli adds that after some research, he and his head brewer learned about the Ukrainian brewery’s website. From there, the duo looked over the suggestions, picking the perfect brew for the cause.

“A small microbrewery over there that actually put out the website because a lot of people were inquiring on how to make Ukrainian style beer,” Dringoli explains. “So they put the recipes, the labels online, and a way to donate.”

Dringoli notes that the specialty brew, which contains 8% alcohol is the perfect representation of the region’s brews. The product, the Bare Bones Brewery operator notes, is on the lighter side.

“It’s not going to be hoppy or anything like that,” Dringoli says.

Bare Bones Brewery Pledges to Donate All Profits From Sale Of Ukrainian Brew To Help the War-Torn Country

A six-pack of the brew developed from the Ukraine-based brewery’s recipe is $12. Bare Bones Brewery says that the cost to develop the creation costs $6. The other half of the purchase price is being sent to the Ukraine brewing company from the Wisconsin brewer. Finally, this company will then disperse the funds to humanitarian efforts throughout the country.

The Wisconsin Brewery aims to raise as much as $3,000 towards this effort. And, Dan Dringoli notes, they are already well on their way. Even as this special brew, which is set to be released in late March, is still in the finishing stages of production. Dringoli notes that the company produced just eight barrels of the Ukrainian beer. Which, the brewer notes is not a lot in the “beer world”. However, Dringoli says, the brewery has already pre-sold about half of this production.

“Breweries always seem to have a way of working together,” Dringoli says of the efforts.

“They pass ideas and thoughts and they share problems,” he adds. “It’s just a very friendly industry.”