Woodford Reserve 2022 Derby Bottle Artist Jaime Corum Talks About the Bourbon Bottle’s Creation Process

by Jonathan Howard

This year Jaime Corum was the artist behind the Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby bottle and it is by far the best ever. There’s good reason for that, too. Corum, who spent her early life in Pineville, KY. After moving to Louisville, her love for horses blossomed. Outsider sat down and spoke with Corum about the process behind the bottle, her passion for horses, and more.

Jaime Corum’s Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby Bottle

Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby bottle art. Courtesy of Jaime Corum

For those that aren’t familiar with the Woodford Reserve Derby bottle, check it out. This year, three horses are displayed on the front, all look as if they are racing neck and neck. Surrounding the horses are lily flowers as well as roses. Both represent the winning wreaths for the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby. Corum captures the history and the beauty of the first weekend of May.

While talking to Jaime Corum about the Woodford Reserve 2022 Derby bottle, we connected over our roots in the Bluegrass. Reflecting on the bottles of the past, they were neat, but not artful. From plain gold text with the twin spires in the background to brush stroke outlines of horses in bright colors. Corum explained why there was such a difference in the quality this year.

“They were saying how the early ones were kinda like in-house, probably graphic designers, not like seeking out artists to do a unique label,” the upbeat artist explained. “I think they’ve gotten strong [in recent years].”

What Corum does better than almost anyone else in her field, is bring the horses to life. Her art is very realistic, you can see the sinewy ripples in the shoulders, the size of the jaw, and the attitude in the eyes. Depending on the sport or event, she changes her approach.

Check out more of Jaime’s art at her website here.

Jaime Corum Knows the Differences and What to Highlight

Like any great artist, Jaime Corum knows what to accentuate when approaching a piece. When she gets the chance to meet a horse, not just racehorses, she takes things into account. What does the horse do? Is it giving a certain look or giving off a certain attitude? Corum explained what makes a good equine artist.

“To be a fairly accurate equine artist you really have to have access to the horse and know their anatomy and their expressions and subtle things. And also how they move, what is the ideal for equine sports, and racing, and eventing and dressage and how the track works, you know you need that kind of inside knowledge.”

She’s had the honor of painting horses such as Double Dutch from the dressage world, as well as Kentucky Derby winners and Triple Crown winners. Jaime Corum puts her talents on full display with the Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby bottle. Three great looking animals all racing to a finish line of some kind. Compare it to this picture of a dressage horse, Double Dutch.

Double Dutch portrait courtesy of Jaime Corum

With not only her love of art and horses, but her expertise in understanding the differences between the events. Knowing those small, “subtle” things as she said. It is also her love of the state of Kentucky and her upbringing in the Bluegrass that influence her career and her art.

If you are going to be in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, or throughout the month of May, then check out some of Jaime’s art. Stoneware & Co. has put together an art exhibit that features Corum’s work alongside three other equine artists. That exhibit opened up on April 22 and runs through June 1. The show is called “Horse Power”.