You Can Get Your Name on a Barrel of Maker’s Mark: Here’s How

by Lauren Boisvert

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your name on a Maker’s Mark barrel? Now you can find out. The Maker’s Mark Ambassador Program will get your name on a barrel of their famous bourbon.

How do you get into the Ambassador Program? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just take a bourbon quiz on Maker’s Mark’s website, and if you’re knowledgeable enough, they’ll send you a welcome kit and put your name on a barrel as part of the program.

The welcome kit includes an Ambassador certificate with a seal in the bourbon’s signature red wax. It has your name and your barrel number on it. Next, information on the bourbon itself, plus the Ambassador Manifesto. Then, you get a set of cards with the barrel information on them. It includes your name, Ambassador number, the date you became an Ambassador, and the barrel number.

The downside is, as we know, bourbon has to age. Your personal barrel needs to age about 6 or 7 years before it’s ready to be bottled. But, Maker’s Mark will let you know when your barrel is done aging, and personalized bottles will be available for purchase after that.

So, how hard is this Ambassador quiz, anyway?

Trying to Pass the Maker’s Mark Quiz and Get My Name on a Barrel

Well, looks like I did it, folks. Not as hard as I thought. There are 5 questions, and while I won’t tell you the answers, Maker’s Mark makes it pretty easy to get the questions right with helpful hints if you get the answer wrong.

It was fun, and I learned a little bit more about bourbon. I got all the questions right, of course, because who would I be if I didn’t? So, looks like I’ll be getting a personalized Maker’s Mark in about 6 to 7 years. I’ll be sure to make a toast to all the Outsiders out there like myself.

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