You Could Get Married in a Washington Brewery That Has Its Own Wedding Chapel

by Madison Miller
Photo by: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images

Is Washington state redefining what it means to have a “shotgun wedding?” Beers and a wedding, well, they go hand in hand if you’re doing it right. Usually, however, the booze waits until the reception, as all of your closest friends and family are getting down on the dance floor until the DJ calls it a night. In Washington, you can actually get married in a wedding chapel that is inside of a brewery.

Sounds like it’s for people who may love beer to an extreme degree (second only to the person they’re marrying).

All in all, Washington is home to countless breweries (about 375, to be more exact) and certainly makes a name for itself for creative craft brews and the community that comes from it.

The North Fork Brewery is taking creativity and wow factor to a whole new level. It’s located in Deming, which isn’t far from Bellingham. It’s a popular destination for people looking for sustenance after a tiresome trip to Mt. Baker.

The brewery is home to some outright delicious pizzas, for starters. Nothing quite goes better with beer than a fresh slice of pizza, after all.

According to Only In Your State, the dining room also has a beer shrine of sorts. It’s a unique collection of different antiques that showcase the world of beer over the years. These vintage bottles are a sight to see, especially for people who have been drinking beer for a couple of decades.

As for the most exciting part, nothing quite compares to that in-house chapel. After getting married, you can celebrate with pizzas and a couple of the brewery’s famous British ales, sours, and lagers.

So, if getting married at a brewery sounds bucket-list-worthy, consider booking a trip to Washington.

When it comes to unique The North Fork Brewery certainly has many other establishments beat.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other hot-spot breweries people make trips across the country just to visit. So, what are some of these top spots?

One of the most popular is New Belgium Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colorado. The founders started the brewery in their basement after falling in love with Belgian beers on a bike ride through Belgium. Now, its most known for its delicious amber ale, Fat Tire. It is also extremely environmentally conscious, considering the large solar arrays, wastewater treatment plant, and is a part of 1% for the planet.

On the other side of the country is one of the most successful and stunning breweries, Allagash Brewing Co. This brewery opened in 1995 with the wheat beer called Allagash White with coriander and orange peel. It also made history after making the first lambic in America, the Coolship Resurgam.