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11-Month Toddler Can Snowboard Before She Can Walk

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Yelena AfoninaTASS via Getty Images)

The upcoming Beijing Olympics may be months away, but an 11-month-old toddler has the snowboarding skills to steal any pre-Olympic hype.

Agence France-Presse reported recently on the wee snowboarder from China’s Hebei province. Wang Yuji’s parents took her out on the slopes of a Beijing resort, and now she can’t get enough fun. Oh, and the girl hasn’t yet learned to walk yet either.

Toddler’s Parents Taking Precautions On Slopes

With tiny boots and layers of protecting clothing, Yuji took to the slopes quite quickly.

The parents let her go, and she slid down a ski run on a small board. The girl giggles and flaps her arms with glee on morning jaunts. Yuji was a natural fit to the board, and she took to the snow while many of her peers may struggle to keep balance if they could stand.

“We put her in the shoes and realized she could bring herself to stand… then we took her to a gentle slope and watched her slide down, squatting on the board by herself,” Yuji’s mother, Fan Xueyin, told AFP.

Toddler Only Started Two Weeks Ago

According to her parents, the toddler’s first attempt at snowboarding was only two weeks ago.

Since then, she’s got the attention of internet fans and snow lovers at Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, one of several hosting cities for the Winter Olympics.

Mom’s proud and told the media agency they would not have let her “do the sport” if she had been afraid or resisted. At first, when they put the toddler on a board, mom said she would “pat her legs and start giggling.”

The toddler can’t control her direction or speed, and a nearby parent can also hoist her into the air if she gets too close to an obstacle.

According to a CNN video, the parents also hired the toddler a coach, who admitted she’s never had a student that small before.

Hype Over China Olympic Games Builds

The Chinese government has switched to Olympics mode with a few months to February. The country has built several snow resorts with an increasing number of new snow sports fans.

Yuji’s father, Wang Shu, is one of those new fans. He started his interest in the sport, and after seeing the toddler’s “talent,” he wants to train to become a professional snowboarding coach. His goal is to teach her when she’s older.

Toddler A Chinese Snowboarding Sensation

Many called the little girl Beibei (Chinese for baby), and she’s picked up many internet fans while her videos have got millions of people’s attention on Chinese social media.

At the Thaiwoo Ski Resort, people stop to take photos with her. Many have praised her and admired the girl’s talent. Their words have made Fan “really think about (her Olympic future).”

But they don’t want to get ahead of themselves. Fan laughs that while it would bring “glory” to China, the toddler is still too young. While the family lives in the Communist country, the mother said the family will “respect (the girl’s) own choices in the future.”