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11-Year-Old Football Player Towers Over Anyone Else on Field, Could Be a Future Beast in NFL

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

When it comes to the game of football, size matters and can be a definitive advantage for a larger player going against a smaller player. As UCLA head football coach Chip Kelly once famously said, “big people beat up little “People.

That line from Kelly pretty much sums it up and is a big reason why NFL teams search out the biggest of the big. The same rule applies to every level of football. From the NFL to college to high school to young kids playing pee-wee leagues — if you have the size — you have a chance. You can go to any given football game at any level and find this theory to be true. Football coaches seek out the biggest and tallest kids they can find and put them on the offensive and defensive line and turn them loose. More often than not, size trumps almost every other characteristic on the gridiron.

At only 11-years-old, Nyeem Powell has a size advantage over anyone else he comes to face to face with on the football food. Powell has become an internet sensation as his film circulates social media and various websites. He is a sight to behold as he looks closer to a professional football player than a youth league player. The kid is a tank and practically unmovable playing on the defensive line for his West Philly team (cue the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song). Powell towers over the other players for both his team and the opponent’s team. As if that weren’t already enough of an advantage, the kid also moves pretty well for such a big player. Nyeem wears the number 40 and plays both offensive and defensive line. Watch as he swats away kids that are half his size.

Football Mammoth is an Internet Sensation

Powell has taken the football world and the internet by storm with his massive size and dominant play on the field. The boy’s mother, Rashaanah Conix Powell, says Nyeem is 6-feet tall in ways well over 300 pounds, quite a bit bigger than the average pre-teen. She also says Nyeem overcame bullying at a young age and helps other kids learn to stand up to bullies. She says her son has visions of someday becoming a college football player and playing in the NFL after that.

With a great story, Nyeem Powell has gathered a lot of support from people who like to see the big guy succeed. Numerous individuals wish him good luck on his football journey via social media.

“Nyeem seems like a good kid,” a social media user writes. “I hope he does well and keeps his grades up so he can play college ball.”

If Nyeem continues growing, who knows how big he will be by the time he reaches college.