11-Year-Old Girl Ella Bruning Starring at Little League World Series

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best sporting events of the year is finally back. The Little League World Series has been taken by storm by Ella Bruning. Since the start of the regional rounds, the 11-year-old girl from Abilene, Texas has been impressing with her play at catcher, pitcher, and at the plate. Already, she has received praise from MLB legends and other players.

Part of her great run so far in the Little League World Series was as a batter. Although she says, “I’m not the best hitter,” she looked comfortable swinging. Although she is the 20th girl to play in the LLWS, she is just the 8th girl to record a hit in-game. Now, she is the third girl to have multiple hits in a single game. Her team, Wylie Little League finished runner-up in the Southwest Regional tournament.

With the two hits, she solidified her spot in the history of the Little League World Series. There aren’t many girls who have played in the LLWS and even fewer have had the success she has had after such a short time.

This is the first time that the Wylie Little League team has made it to the World Series. After they took down Washington 6-0, they took a loss to Michigan, 6-5. However, they aren’t done yet they have more baseball to play and Ella Bruning is likely to populate more headlines as the series goes on.

Ella Bruning Turned Heads at the Regional

It was in the Regional that Bruning started to garner attention. Major League Baseball shared a highlight of her playing catcher. On a wild pitch, she grounded the ball, flipped her mask off, and sent the ball whizzing to first for the out. That earned praise from current Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Conteras. It also impressed Jorge Posada who said, “Keep it up Ella! Great job!!!”

While the Little League World Series is always a great event, having a story like Ella Bruning always makes it better. Boundaries are being pushed in sports more and more and as girls and women get more opportunities now, it opens up the doors for those in the future. Fans will remember Mo’Ne Davis and her run through the LLWS. She is the only girl to earn a win while pitching and she pitched a shutout as well in her time.

The great thing about Bruning and her team, it’s a family activity. Her little brother is on the team and her dad is a coach. Even Ella’s older brother played for Wylie Little League. Although she has taken the Little League World Series by storm, she didn’t always dream of playing for Wylie. In fact, she mentioned that it was a joke for a while since her brothers were so into baseball. Luckily for the team, she did sign up and she’s continued to make plays time and time again.

There will be more action as the Wylie Little Leauge team and Ella Bruning faces off against Toms River East from New Jersey. That game will have a big impact on the future of the tournament for both teams. The New Jersey team avoided elimination by taking down Connecticut 11-4 on Saturday.