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19-Year-Old Kickboxing Champion Killed in Hunting Accident

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images)

Spain’s Julian Lozano Pintado died Sunday after being shot in a hunting accident. The teenager was a beloved kickboxing champion in his country that was considered to have potential on the international stage.

The accident happened near Valdehornillos, a town in western Spain. Pintado was only 19, per Newsweek.

The Santa Amalia Sports Club said in a tweet it is experiencing “great pain” over the loss of Pintado. The club said Pintado was a team captain. He also was a national age-group champion.

Victor Menacho, Valdehornillos mayor, confirmed Pintado’s death.

The mayor told “Efe” Pintado was hunting with four friends. A gun accidentally went off near Pintado, per the report. The teen-ager suffered an abdominal injury. He died instantly. Because citizens were so upset at the loss of Pintado, the mayor declared three days of mourning.

Forensic experts in Santa Amalia will conduct an autopsy on Pintado’s body. The local police also are gathering information from Pintado’s friends and other witnesses.

Kickboxing is very popular in parts of Spain. Pintado lived in a region near the border of Portugal. Kickboxing also was a family affair. His sister, Rocio, is a kickboxer. Further, the two competed in the European youth championships.

Meanwhile, competitors at the Absolute Kickboxing Championship held a moment of silence for Pintado. The competition started this week in Alovera, Guadalajara.

Cristo Gamero, president of the sport’s national federation, also paid tribute to Pintado. He said Pintado’s death is a the “great loss (for) kickboxing in general and of the Extremadura federation in particular.

“Our most sincere support to family and friends for this loss,” Gamero said.

Additionally, Hoy, a Spanish publication, quoted members of the Extremadura Football Federation. The group wrote “all our support to family members and clubmates. Rest in peace.”