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The 2020 Master’s Begins In Weather Delay and Fans Are Not Happy

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

As the Master’s kicks off today, Nov. 12, people cannot wait. The long wait for fans and players alike is finally over. However, after nine players finished their first holes, a gnarly weather delay called a halt for a time.

Just shy of half an hour after Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus hit honorary tee shots, some heavy weather rolled into Augusta. At 7:35 a.m., the Master’s called a hold on play due to some ripping lighting and thunder.

As the Master’s is typically good for, the weather delay halted play for a chunk of time, leaving eager fans hanging.

Master’s Fans Are Quite Unhappy

Musician Ben Rector remarked that no one should really be surprised by a rain delay on golf’s biggest day of the year. And in typical fashion, 2020 delivered yet another saddening piece of news in the form of extra wait time.

And another fan points out just how long she’s spent waiting for the day, only to be greeted with a big delay.

The Golf Digest writer perfectly utilized the Chris Farley gif to explain her sorrows.

This Barstool Sports blogger just might have jinxed it with his tweet last night. Indeed, the golf world is upset by the delay.

And yet another Master’s fan took to Twitter to share his pain over the delay.

Surely the most proper way to use the Narcos gif of kingpin Pablo Escobar swinging mournfully by his lonesome.

And finally, a FOX News golf sportscaster adds his thoughts on the delay. Equating the Master’s delay to the Grinch stealing Christmas from Whoville. Truly brutal.

As is custom for the Master’s Championship Tournament, the purse is massive. There are 11.5 million dollars on the line and just over 2 million going to the winner of the tournament. But, with the weather behind them, the tournament is rolling along now. As the best players compete for the green jacket, only time will tell who will take it home.