2020 Tokyo Olympics Athlete Jack Woolley Posts Gruesome Pics After Being ‘Violently Attacked’

by Chris Haney

On Friday night, an Irish athlete that competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics named Jack Woolley was randomly assaulted while out in Dublin.

The Olympian competed in the taekwondo event in Tokyo last month. While back home in Ireland a couple days ago, Woolley was violently attacked during a night out. Now, he’s recovering after doctors performed facial reconstructive surgery because of his extensive injuries.

After competing for his country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this isn’t exactly the type of welcome home Woolley expected. The incident seemed to be completely unprovoked and random. In addition, the Olympian isn’t the only innocent bystander that got attacked.

The 22-year-old shared a series of photos to his Instagram story that highlighted just how bad his facial injuries are. He also posted a pair of before and after photos. The first is of himself enjoying his night out, and the next is two minutes later when he’s a bloody mess.

“Literally 2 minutes in between these photos,” Woolley wrote alongside an ambulance emoji.

WARNING: The second photo of the post below is graphic.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Athlete Explains the Attack in Detail

Jack Woolley explained the incident in further detail in a separate post. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics athlete went to dinner and a local bar in Dublin on Friday night. While walking on a boardwalk, a group of a dozen people began attacking victims at random while on their route.

“Last night (Friday 13th August) I went for a meal with my friend,” Woolley explained. “Followed by a bar for a couple of drinks. Heading back along the River Liffey a gang of [roughly] 8-12 men and women in their 20s began violently attacking people along the boardwalk. Unfortunately I was victim to these random attacks. As I was just walking by, I was punched in the face by one of these group members.”

It only took one quick and unexpected punch to the face to do quite a bit of damage to Woolley. Supposedly, his attacker also followed the punch up by saying “my mistake wrong person” as the group ran off.

“Only one punch and followed by ‘my mistake wrong person.’ Then they continued to run off down the road attacking more civilians minding their own business,” Woolley added.

The Dublin hospital that treated Woolley discharged him on Sunday evening. His mother, Annette, confirmed the news to The Irish Times, and his Instagram story showed him back at home tonight.

“He said he was okay, and he’s going to get some sleep… we’re hoping that they’ll let him out today,” Annette said to the The Irish Times.

Dublin police told the Irish news outlet that no arrests have been made so far. They added that an investigation is ongoing.