2020 Tokyo Olympics: Australian Athletes Allegedly Damaged Rooms, Had ‘Unacceptable’ Behavior on Flight Home

by Samantha Whidden

Drama from Down Under. Various media outlets have reported that there has been some unacceptable behavior among the athletes from Team Australia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Sydney Morning Herald reports some of Team Australia’s athletes allegedly damaged their Olympic Village rooms. The damage includes broken beds and a hole in one of the walls.

“Some young people made a mistake. They had left the rooms in a condition that way unacceptable,” Team Australia official Ian Chesterman explains. The official did not disclose which of the athletes were causing issues in the Olympic Village.

Chesterman does say that the damages at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were minor. However, the official says it is not difficult to break one of the Olympic Village cardboard beds. Chesterman further reveals that the rooms are not completely a mess. “It is a book as old as time: a good young person makes a mistake. Chapter two is a good, young person if full of remorse. Chapter three is a young person learns from the mistake and becomes a better person.”

Chesterman also says that the Team Australia athletes in the situation are already showing remorse. They also admitted they breached the COVID-19 protocols due to hanging out with athletes from other countries.

The official goes on to conclude the Australian athletes also feel disappointed they are involved in the situation. “It’s a matter of a small number of people making a mistake, they’re going to have to live with that.”

Team Australia’s Rugby & Soccer Teams Act Inappropriately on Flight Home From 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The alleged unacceptable behavior didn’t stop in the Tokyo Olympic Village. Rugby Australia says it is planning to launch its own investigation. The players were notably loud and obnoxious on the 10-hour flight home from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “Rugby Australia [is] aware of incidents involving the Australian men’s Sevens program after being informed by the Australia Olympic Committee,” Rugby Australia’s statement reads.

Football Australia is also conducting an investigation within its organization as well. “Football Australia is discussing the matter with the [Australia Olympic Committee] and is taking the responsibility to investigate the involvement of any footballers.”

Australia Olympic Committee’s Chief Executive Reacts to the Allegations 

Speaking about the unruly behavior allegations, Australia Olympic Committee Chief Executive, Matt Carroll, responded to the reports about the situation. He does say the alleged behavior is unacceptable and also that there haven’t been any official reports from the airliner. “I directly raised the issue with our member sports’ CEOs.”

“It’s extremely disappointing but both rugby and football have told me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable within their sports,” Carroll declares.

The official also says that the organizations have apologized to the Australian Olympic Team. “The CEOs have undertaken to take the appropriate action and report back to us.”

Team Australia has already secured a total of 33 medals during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 14 of the medals are gold, 4 are silver, and 15 are bronze.