2020 Tokyo Olympics: Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Jessica Falls Short in Opening Qualifier

by Matthew Wilson

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics saw many winners but also those that fell short as well. Despite training for years, not everyone secures their dreams of Olympic gold. Unfortunately, Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica failed to make the mark in her Olympic debut.

Jessica chose to pursue a career competing as an equestrian rider rather than follow her father’s path for music. She proved to have a knack for competing, earning the rank of 14th in the world. The athlete competed for the first time at an Olympic event this year.

Unfortunately, Jessica Springsteen failed to qualify in the Olympic individual jumping event. She won’t be going to the Tokyo Equestrian Park for the finals. It comes at a blow for Jessica, who was excited to participate in her first Olympics.

Jessica kicked off the qualifying rounds with a strong debut. But her horse got spooked near the 11th obstacle of 14. Both rider and mount lost points with the judges after they accidentally knocked down a railing. As a result, Jessica ended up on the bubble for the finals. There was 73 riders competing to qualify, but the Olympics only chose 30 for the final.

That mistake proved to be costly for Jessica.

Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Has Upcoming Events

Thanks in part to her famous lineage, Jessica has taken the equestrian world by storm this Olympics. Although, the athlete admittedly rather stand on her own merit than have a spotlight because of her famous father Bruce Springsteen. So much so that Jessica has selectively answered questions, refusing to comment on her father and other family members.

According to AP News, Olympics staff removed one reporter from a round of interviews for asking about Jessica’s experience riding as a child. So where did the athlete learn how to ride? Jessica’s background in riding stretched back to her family farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey. It quickly turned from a hobby to a passion to a career for Jessica. In fact, she served as an alternate for the London Games in 2012. But she didn’t get to participate herself then.

Jessica will next compete on Friday in Team USA’s four-rider team effort to secure gold. She couldn’t be more excited.

“All in all, I’m thrilled with the round and I’m excited for the rest of the week,” she said.

Jessica rides a 12-year-old mount called Don Juan van de Donkehove.

“The partnership you have with your horse is everything. And with Don I have a really, really strong partnership,” Springsteen said. “Sometimes you get a horse and it can take you a long time get to know each other, but with him, we came together quickly and we’ve been able to build on that ever since. We definitely have a lot of trust.”