2020 Tokyo Olympics: Caeleb Dressel Shares in Emotional Moment with Family After Winning Gold

by Jonathan Howard

While the Olympics get their fair share of criticism, they produce the best moments in sports. The latest in the long line of great performances comes from Caeleb Dressel. The American swimmer set an Olympic record and took home a gold medal in the process. Then, celebrated with his family in one of the most touching moments you will see.

For Team USA, swimming has always been a top event. Fans love watching the races in the pool and they are admittedly very exhilarating. There have been so many legends in the pool. In just the last 20 years American has arguably put on display the greatest man and woman to ever swim. Michael Phelps became a household name and the most decorated Olympian of all time. Katie Ledecky is still writing her story and has already cemented herself as the GOAT of women’s swimming.

Much like the 100m dash on the track, the 100m freestyle is a fan favorite every Olympic Games. The winner usually becomes a household name, and this year is no different. Caeleb Dressel of Team USA was the favorite coming into the race and put on quite the show. The final was one of the best ever. Kyle Chalmers of Australia, Kliment Kolesnikov of Russia, and Maxime Grousset of France rounded out the top four in a hotly contested race.

There was no Phelps in the pool, but there didn’t need to be one. Dressel glided and powered through the water. The down and back race has no room for error. Just one misstep could ruin the entire race and cost a swimmer the podium.

Caeleb Dressel Sets Olympic Record

This race was special from the beginning. There was electricity around the meet as the swimmers stood on their platforms. As the gun went off and each man dove into the water, eyes were on Dressel and Chalmers.

Watch the end of the race as he edges Chalmers for gold and an Olympic record.

If that doesn’t do it for you, watch Dressel win gold while his family reacts back home.

After the race, Dressel did the obligatory interview of course. Then, they showed him his family’s reaction and the emotions poured out.

Truly one of the best performances of the Olympics so far. Not only that, but Dressel now has the fastest 100m freestyle time in Olympic history. Not too shabby. The Florida native takes home his second gold medal of the games. The first one came as part of the 4 x 100m freestyle relay.

Fans reacted to the great moment via Twitter.

We all need to collect ourselves after all that emotion. There is a lot more where that came from tomorrow and the rest of the Olympics.

There really is nothing like family, is there?

Caeleb Dressel grabs another gold medal for the USA. The Tokyo Games keep moving along.

Go Team USA!