2020 Tokyo Olympics: Caeleb Dressel Says He Could ‘Feel’ the Support of His Family Back Home

by Emily Morgan

As Caeleb Dressel’s Olympic stint comes to an end, he will soon reunite with his wife and family back home in the States. Yet, as he finished his time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he couldn’t help but be anxious to hear their voices.

“I still haven’t gotten to talk to them yet,” the gold medalist said in an interview on Monday while speaking with reporters. “So I’m very much looking forward to just the FaceTime call. I might do that on the way to the airport today.”

For Caeleb Dressel, his bags will be heavier when he heads home. He’s leaving Tokyo with five gold medals, including three from individual events. The Florida native also got visibly emotional when he saw wife Meghan calling in poolside in a video call after his record-setting win in the men’s 100m freestyle competition.

At the time, the 24-year-old opened up to reporters that he was a crier. “I can’t be calling [my family] every night, you know, exerting that energy,” he noted. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, families of Olympic athletes couldn’t travel to Japan for the Games.

Reflecting on his time at the Olympics, Dressel confessed that he is “really good at hiding my emotions until I’m not. So I can put a pretty good show on throughout the Games and stuff things in and not let anything out. But the moment the race is over, it’s all going to come out.”

Caeleb Dressel: ‘If I Don’t Have Support Behind Me, It’s Just a Dream’

He added: “I give myself five minutes to really let that shine through, and then I got to refocus.” However, he didn’t need to hear the voices of his wife and his parents, Michael and Christina, to know they were proudly watching and cheering him on from home.

“I’ve been doing the sport since I was five years old,” the world champion swimmer said. “And if I don’t have support behind me, it’s just a dream, and it will not be able to turn into reality. So you need that support behind you.”

That support of family, friends, teammates, and coaches is what propelled Caeleb Dressel into becoming one of the standout athletes representing the USA at the 2020 Olympics— something he’s forever thankful for.

“It takes a lot of people. I would not swim if it was just me. If I didn’t have any teammates, I couldn’t stay in a pool for two hours, twice a day, nine times a week. I can’t do that. And I’m fine with admitting that. I couldn’t do this by myself,” he elaborated.

“So you really do need people behind you. I know we’re a couple, what is it, a thousand miles away from back home, but I could feel that support.”