2020 Tokyo Olympics: Cameraman Angers, Stuns Fans After Focusing on Cockroach in Field Hockey Game’s Final Minutes

by Joe Rutland

Fans watching a women’s field hockey game during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics found themselves at the mercy of a cameraman and a cockroach.

Here’s the inside field hockey scoop. With a little more than five minutes left in a preliminary round game, Argentina held a 1-0 lead over Spain earlier in the week. Then, the cameraman at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics all of a sudden became fixated on a cockroach.

Never mind that the game was in its final minutes and Spain was looking to tie it up in a crucial early contest. Nope, the cockroach’s antics were more important. Argentina would go on and win 3-0 over Spain, but fans were not happy with the camera work.

Viewer GanbatteMalaysia had this response on Twitter to the changing view.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Viewers Opinionated Over Cockroach Coverage

Well, other viewers had their own thoughts regarding the cameraman choosing a cockroach over the women’s field hockey game.

2020 Tokyo Olympics viewer aidan team usa said, “imagine you’re hired for a single job: to video the olympics and you get distracted and start recording a cockroach.”

Viewer JJSponge120 wrote, “Training for the upcoming cockroach olympics.” That was after seeing the video evidence of said cockroach crawling across a beam.

Fonkz Fez(Megaplex 2021!) wrote, “When a cockroach is more exciting than the Olympics”. This sentiment might be shared with many watching the game, too.

Finally, there’s this cogent comment from Stephen Simadibrata (Blubasaur), who wrote, “Olympic athletes competing at a high level? Not interested. Cockroach waddling? Yes.”

It appears that there is one singular thread in these viewers’ comments. They wished the cameraman had stayed focused on the field and not the waddling cockroach. There’s no word on whether the cameraman was reprimanded for his actions.

Team USA Swimmer Coming Home With Four Medals, Including 2 Gold

Meanwhile, back at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics themselves, Team USA swimmer Katie Ledecky is going to need space for some medals on the flight back home.

Ledecky captured two gold medals and two silver medals during her competition. She captured gold in the 1,500-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle races. Those silver medals came from the 400-meter freestyle race and 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

On Saturday, she went on Instagram and shared a picture with those gold medals around her neck. She’s showing off her 2020 Tokyo Olympics gold medals and smiling with joy. 

Katie Ledecky added some cogent words in the caption along with the picture.

“Thank you, Tokyo, and thank YOU ALL for the tremendous support this week and over the years to get to this point,” Ledecky wrote. “I appreciate all my family members, coaches, teammates, friends, classmates, teachers, and so many others who have been a part of this journey.”