2020 Tokyo Olympics: Fans Wonder Why Divers Shower Immediately After Exiting the Pool

by Joe Rutland

Fans watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics come up with the most interesting questions. For instance, why do divers shower after leaving the pool?

If you’ve watched any of the Olympic diving competitions, then you will see a diver get out of the pool and quickly head to a nearby shower.

Some fans are sharing their responses to seeing this on social media. Here’s one fan’s reaction on Twitter.

Another fan named Jason wrote, “I’ve never been able to figure out why divers immediately head for a shower after each dive. Does staying wet help you on the next dive? #Olympics.”

Yet one more named Con also wrote, “Why do the divers rinse themselves off in the showers once they get out of the pool, only to dry themselves off with towels, and then jump in the spa to keep warm til the next jump…”

2020 Tokyo Olympics Divers Have To Keep Their Muscles Loose Somehow

For those of you wondering the same thing while watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, then here’s the answer. It keeps their muscles loose under hot showers, according to an article from the British newspaper The Independent.

“Experts say that diving into the pool, followed by quickly stepping out into a cold arena is not great for the diver’s muscles,” according to the article. “And the hot shower is designed to prevent them [from] cramping. Taking a shower immediately keeps the muscles loose and reduces the chance of any pulls or strains.”

So, there you go, Outsiders. Take a hot shower if you find yourself diving into a pool and need to stay loose. We hope that answers some of your questions.

Team USA Swimmer Lilly King Talked About Problem Of Doping

Meanwhile, there’s been talk at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics about the problem of doping. Team USA swimmer Lilly King talked about it on Sunday.

At a news conference, without naming names or countries, King referenced “a country who should’ve been banned and instead got a slap on the wrist and a rebranding of their national flag.”

King also referred to a country whose time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics “affected” and “tainted” the Summer Games for Team USA teammate Ryan Murphy. He placed second and third in his two individual races to his Russian counterparts.

She also noted a country that sounds like one running a state-sponsored doping plan for years. King added, “Yeah, there are a lot of people here that should not be here.”

After Murphy lost for a second time on Friday to Russian Evgeny Rylov, he said that his race was “probably not clean.” Like King, Murphy never mentioned Russia or Rylov.

On Sunday, Murphy said his comments “were definitely taken a little bit differently” than intended.