2020 Tokyo Olympics: Figure Skater Johnny Weir Called Out Over the ‘Masculinity’ of His Closing Ceremony Outfit

by Samantha Whidden

Following his correspondent reporting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ Closing Ceremony, former Team USA figure skater Johnny Weir spoke out about the criticism he received over the “masculinity” of his outfit during the event.

Former legal advisor to President Trump Jenna Ellis took to her Twitter account to take aim at Weir’s outfit choice by writing, “Bring back the days when boys cared about growing up to be actual men. Biblical masculinity over woke fragility.”

Rather than drop some personal criticism towards Ellis, Weir approached her comment with a positive approach by tweeting back, “The man I’ve grown into is a human that embraces the strength of the man & woman who raised to be myself. If you feel squashed by the boot of someone else’s beliefs, remember you are free to live your life the way YOU believe. Also, religion isn’t an excuse to hate.”

Weir Shares His Support for the Athletes Who Participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 

He also wrote that he was proud to be presented at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He shares that he is thankful that the athletes had their opportunity to shine and make their dreams come true. “Thank you, Japan for your bravery, your brilliance, and for bringing our work an endless amount of hope.”

Weir’s post included a snapshot of his hairstyle at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony. His event outfit featured a Frolov jacket, Lapointe pants, and AGL boots.

Weir Opens Up About His Own Figure Skating Costume Choices

In a February 2018 interview with NorthJersey.com, Weir talks about his love for fashion and his costume choices affected his figure skating programs. “My costumes completely influence the programs that I do and the pieces I create,” he explains. The two-time Olympian then reveals that figure skaters have to know their bodies very well in order to be great at their programs.

“I definitely know my body. And there are certain ways you can move that, extend the line. Or extend the look you’re going for through the costume. So the costuming is very important.  So, the costuming is very important,” the 2020 Tokyo Olympics correspondent shares. 

Weir then reveals at the time that he will probably start his own fashion line in the future. “I think I’ll probably start with small line of things I understand,” he says. “Like sportswear, shoes, bags, and things like that. That I can do now.”

The former figure skater goes on to add that while he really wants to do couture pieces, he needs to have the proper training. “And right now I don’t have the time.”