2020 Tokyo Olympics: Former Olympian Susen Tiedtke Explains Why Cardboard Beds are a ‘Laughingstock’

by Quentin Blount

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics officially underway, there is one news story going around that is catching everyone’s attention.

Who would have thought that the Olympics would double as a crazy sex ring? While it does sound a little alarming on the surface, that’s exactly what one former Olympian had to say. With a sex culture that normally gets a little out of hand, Olympics organizers were forced to do things a little different this year. Olympic athletes were given rooms with cardboard beds — that was organizers’ way of discouraging sex amongst competitors in the age of COVID-19.

However, Susen Tiedtke told the New York Post recently that no matter what the Olympics does, sex between athletes will continue to be a fixture at every World Games. And if anyone would know, it’s Tiedtke. She actually competed in the 1992 and 2000 Olympics as a long-jumper for Germany. Turns out that’s where she met her former husband of more than four years, Joe Greene. He was a fellow long jumper who competed during the Barcelona Games.

“[The sex ban] is a big laughingstock for me, it doesn’t work at all,” Tiedtke said. She added that “sex is always an issue in the village.”

While officials say that the cardboard beds were put in place for “sustainability” reasons and because of their “sturdiness,” Tiedtke doesn’t think that organizers should make it harder for athletes to hook up.

“The athletes are at their physical peak at the Olympics,” she said. “When the competition is over, they want to release their energy.”

2020 Tokyo Olympics One Party After Another

It’s hard to imagine that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be the same sex-crazed environment that maybe it was in years’ past. But it’s possible — competitors will be housed in the same huge complex for the duration of the Games. And they will still have access to alcohol. That’s what Susen Tiedtke says fuels a lot of the drive for sex.

“There is one party after another, then alcohol comes into play,” Tiedtke continued. “It happens that people have sex and there are enough people who strive for that.”

According to Tiedtke, she admitted that her personal situation was a little different. Any messing around for her had to come after her competition had taken place and was finished. And that could sometimes be hard, seeing as how the long-jump competition was one of the last ones to take place.

“Nothing would go on before, that was tough. The coaches said, ‘When you have sex, the body first has to recharge itself energetically. So you shouldn’t do that.”

But things were different once the competition were over. That’s when the athletes knew they could have some fun.

“After the competition, however, roommates were considerate if you needed the room for yourself,” Tiedtke said.