2020 Tokyo Olympics: Here’s Every Medal Team USA Has Won So Far

by Madison Miller

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are in full swing as of Friday and Team USA is already securing its place on the winner’s podiums.

From now until August 8, athletes all around the world will get the opportunity to win the ultimate prize — the Olympic medal. Legends and role models are being made in the next few weeks.

So far, swimming has been the biggest event for Team USA. One of the first to win the gold for Team USA was Chase Kalisz. He is a 27-year-old swimmer from Maryland. He won the gold during the 400-meter individual medley race.

This isn’t his first time at the Olympics. He also was a silver medalist in 2016.

“It is my lifelong dream. It is what everyone dreams of in the sport. I do feel like I let the U.S. down in 2016, even though I swam faster here. The U.S. has a proud legacy in the 400m individual medley. This was my redemption story,” Kalisz said, according to People.

Other Swimming Medalists

Another swimmer to get a medal was Jay Litherland. The 25-year-old also competed in the 400-meter individual medley and was a competitor in the 2016 games. He walked away from his swim wearing a silver medal.

Team USA also walked away with the bronze medal in the 400-meter freestyle event thanks to Kieran Smith. He is a 21-year-old and this is his very first Olympic competition.

As is a constant in the Olympic games for years now, Team USA is quite successful in the pool for men and women. Emma Weyant swam her way to a silver medal. She’s only 19 and this is her Olympic debut. Her event was the 400-meter individual medley. “I’m super happy to race the best in the world. I stuck to my strengths, which is the back end of the race. I’m happy with it,” she said.

Hali Flickinger swam in the same event and earned the bronze right behind Weyant. She is a 27-year-old and has competed in the 2016 Games as well.

Lastly, Erika Brown, Abbey Weitzeil, Natalie Hinds, and Simone Manuel all came together to secure another bronze medal for Team USA during the 4×100-meter freestyle relay. Brown is 22 and this is her Olympic debut, Weitzeil is 24 and earned two medals in 2016, Hinds is 27 and this is her debut, and Manuel is 24 and won four medals at the 2016 Games.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Other Medals

William Shaner won gold for Team USA during the 10m Air Rifle event for men.

In 2016, skateboarding was included as a new Olympic sport and this is the first year it will get a spotlight. This year Jagger Eaton showed up for the Men’s Street competition and walked away with a bronze medal in the event. He won the first skateboarding bronze medal in Olympic history.

As of now, Team USA has three gold medals, two silver medals, and four bronze medals, bringing the grand total to nine overall medals. China is in the lead with five gold, one silver, and three bronze.