2020 Tokyo Olympics: Jade Carey Says it ‘Was All I Ever Dreamed of’ Competing in Gymnastics All-Around in New Series of Pics

by Keeli Parkey

At each Olympic Games, some athletes see their dreams come true. Others see theirs fall apart. Fortunately for United States gymnast Jade Carey, her dreams came true during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Earlier this week, Carey was chosen to replace legendary gymnast Simone Biles in the women’s all-around competition. As has been widely reported, Biles withdrew from that event, as well as the women’s team competition, in order to focus on her mental health.

The withdrawal of Biles from those competitions came as a surprise to pretty much everyone. This included her teammates. The absence of Biles made it possible for Carey to make her presence really known on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics stage.

And, according to a recent social media post by the gymnast, getting to do so is something she will never forget. Taking to Instagram, Jade Carey shared her feelings about competing in the women’s all-around.

“8th in the world WOW. What a night last night was, it was all I have ever dreamed of,” Carey posted about her 2020 Tokyo Olympics experience.

The 21-year-old Phoenix, Arizona, native also reflected on her performance in the women’s all-around competition.

“It wasn’t perfect but I look back and am so proud of how far I have come and what I did last night in my first ever all-around final,” Jade Carey also shared.

And, like so many other athletes competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Carey showed her appreciation to those who have supported her along her Olympic journey.

“Thank you for all of the love and support, it means the world to me,” she said.

Find Out More About 2020 Tokyo Olympics Gymnast Jade Carey

While she may not be Simone Biles – no one is – Jade Carey is a very talented gymnast. She is part of Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics thanks to her results in recent World Cup events. Carey won gold medals in both the floor and vault competitions at both the 2019 and 2020 World Cup competitions. She secured her role as an individual gymnast for Team USA thanks to those results.

She is also famous for a pass she can perform. That pass is the layout triple-double. To do this, she must do two backflips, as well as three twists. What makes Carey’s performance of this stand out is that she does it with her legs straight. It is usually performed with legs tucked in. She is expected to perform this pass during the individual event finals. If she does – and lands it successfully – the move could be named after her.

United States gymnast Suni Lee also competed in the women’s all-around with Jade Carey. At the end of the day, it was Lee who emerged as the victor and won a gold medal. Carey finished in a very respectful eighth place.