2020 Tokyo Olympics: Matthew McConaughey Shouts Out Team USA’s Xander Schauffele After Golf Gold Medal Win

by Madison Miller

Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has a massive support system back at home. That includes millions of sports fans and popular Texas-born actor, Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey is no stranger to being the ultimate hype man. About a month ago, McConaughey made headlines when he went out and played the drums in front of thousands of FC Austin fans. He owns the team, but also owned the crowd with his incredible level of enthusiasm and his all-green suit.

McConaughey tuned in for the USA Golf team’s competition that was on this morning (August 1).

Matthew McConaughey Cheering on Team USA

He tweeted out, “clutch wedge one putt to par and win gold @[email protected]

The “Gentlemen” actor is known for his patriotism and his undying love for his home state of Texas specifically. He even recorded a motivational video on the Fourth of July to send out to the world. He stated partially, “So, as we celebrate the red, white, and blue this weekend, let’s be sure and just reflect just a minute, take a little bit of inventory on where we’ve come from, where we are, and how and where we want to go from here on the way to being the best we can be.”

Maybe it’s practice for his possible future as a politician.

Olympics Performance for Men’s Golf

All eyes were on 27-year-old Xander Schauffele as he competed for Team USA in the Men’s Individual competition.

He had already finished in the top 10 of all four majors, all without a victory. Although, he did have six different times in the top five on the PGA Tour to boot. Now, he is an Olympic champion. He finished the final round with a 4-under-par 67. It was an incredibly close match. He ended up winning over Rory Sabbatini from Slovakia.

According to USA Today, his Olympics accomplishments are particularly special given his family history. His father is Stefan Schauffele. He was a French-German decathlete who was working toward his goal of becoming an Olympic athlete. Unfortunately, a drunk driver hit him at the age of 20 and he was left blinded in one eye. He is now the coach for his son, ushering in a new generation of success.

“I maybe put more pressure on myself, wanting to win this more than anything else for quite some time. My dad aspired to have one of these at some point in his life. He dedicated a big chunk of his life to obtain a medal. That was taken away from him. My ties here … there’s just all these things that motivate me to do better, to be better. It’s more than just golf for me,” Schauffele said.

It was a clutch win for the professional golfer. The U.S. now has 20 gold medals, 23 silver, and 16 bronze. Team USA is sitting below China in rankings.