2020 Tokyo Olympics: Raven Saunders Wins Silver in Shotput Rocking Mask Living Up to ‘Hulk’ Nickname

by Keeli Parkey

The United States has another medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And she won her medal in a very unique style.

That Team USA athlete is Raven Saunders. According to PEOPLE, she earned the silver medal in the shot put on Sunday, Aug. 1. She did so with a personal best throw of 19.79 meters. And, she did so in a very unique style.

See, in addition to her athletic talents, Raven Saunders has become famous for what she wears while she competes. Earlier in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics competition, she donned an eye-catching mask featuring the well-known smile of the Joker villain from DC Comics. She completed this look with her hair dyed green and purple – colors that this nemesis of Batman usually wears. Saunders also wore a pair of holographic sunglasses to complete this look.

During the finals on Sunday, her mask featured the Hulk, a character from the Marvel Universe. This mask suits her better than the Joker one because Saunders’ nickname is, you guessed it, the Hulk.

Following her qualifying competition, this 2020 Tokyo Olympics athlete told The Washington Post she wore her masks were for “shock value.”

“Kind of an ode to the Joker but also a way to switch it up a little bit — you know, create a little bit of shock value. I know everybody was probably expecting the green, so I had to change it up,” Saunders shared on Friday, July 30.

She also previously said wearing the masks is her way “of being friendly” with her competitors.

The Charleston, South Carolina, native also said she was ready to compete in Sunday’s final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was feeling “really good.”

Raven Saunders Reflects on Silver Medal Win at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

After winning her silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Raven Saunders explained what it meant to her. Unsurprisingly, it meant a lot – especially after what she had been through in her personal life. After taking fifth place in the shot put in the 2016 Rio Olympics, the now 25-year-old battled depression and even thought of taking her own life.

Fortunately, Saunders received the help she needed thanks to her therapist and a treatment facility. Regarding her silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she told the Post that she hopes it can “inspire and motivate” others.

“Everything that I’ve been through mental health-wise, injuries, financial, being able to really invest everything I’ve had mentally and physically and be able to walk away with a medal, and be able to go out here and really inspire so many people of the LGBTQ community, so many people who have been dealing with mental health issues, so many people of the African American community, so many people who are Black all around the world. I really just hope I can continue to inspire and motivate,” Saunders also said.

Winning gold in the shot put at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was Gong Lijiao of China. New Zealand’s Valerie Adams won bronze.