2020 Tokyo Olympics: Several Athletes in Hot Water After Being Caught Drinking at Outdoor Party in Olympic Village

by Matthew Memrick

Several Olympics athletes are in hot water over being caught for their involvement in an outdoor drinking party late Friday night.

Tokyo Olympic officials started an investigation Sunday into the rule-breaking party. With COVID-19 levels making Japan a dangerous situation, Olympic organizers set up rules to limit groups at the games.

There have not been any reported of individual athletes’ names from the party.

Officials said multiple athletes and team officials partied at the Tokyo Bay complex. There are over 11,000 athletes at the Games, and one of the rules stated that individuals could drink in their rooms alone. It is unknown if the police took any action at the incident.

‘We are investigating the situation, and based on the result, we are to take appropriate action,’ Tokyo Games chief executive Toshiro Muto said through an interpreter. 

There has already been some drama with athletes breaking the rules at the Games. Two medal-winning athletes lost their Olympic accreditation for a week for taking a tourist trip outside the athlete’s village.

Vazha Margvelashvili and Lasha Shavdatuashvili visited an area near the Tokyo Tower on Tuesday. The judo athletes finished their competitions. The Georgian Embassy apologized for the mistake.

According to the Associated Press, Japanese officials booted four British and American contractors for cocaine use before the Olympics. 

Several Athletes in Trouble Amid 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Pandemic in Japan

Athletes have strict orders not to leave the Olympic bubble and mix with the Japanese population to stem the spread of COVID-19. 

The rules are at odds with athletes who were given condoms at the start of the games and later told to take them home amid pandemic concerns. Many athletes are young and look to mingle in opposition to the rules.

Other past Olympics had pandemic issues.

According to CNN, the World Health Organization had no confirmed cases of Zika among athletes or travelers during the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. However, those infected did not have symptoms. The Swine Flu pandemic had primarily subsided by the start of the 2010 Vancouver Games.

The rulebook also asks athletes to socially distance themselves and not contact others by handshake, high-fives, or other physical contact. 

The country is seeing record numbers daily as the Games go on amid a state of national emergency. 

The Associated Press reports that since Sunday, 264 Olympic-accredited people have tested positive for COVID-19. Officials said an athlete was among 18 new cases. Of the 264 overall, 27 are athletes. 

The report also accounts for 108 visitors to Japan. 

Officials identified 35 people with positive tests when they arrived via an airport. Airport officials issued 41,000 mandatory tests issued to people coming to Japanese airports.