2020 Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles’ Boyfriend Pens Heartfelt Message to the US Gymnast

by Amy Myers

It might not be a huge surprise that Simone Biles’ boyfriend supports her decision to bow out of the competition in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, that doesn’t make his gesture to commend her for her strength any less sweet and compassionate. Since they began dating, both the Olympics gymnast and the NFL player have filled their Instagram pages with each other. From adorable photos of the two sharing a smooch to snaps in matching pajamas, the two are–sometimes, literally–head over heels for each other.

In an Instagram post dedicated to his girlfriend, Jonathon Owens shared some of his favorite shots of Biles. The first was a recent photo from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and others were of the two together in the States. All of the photos seemed to share a different element of their loving relationship, from the adventures they take to the nights they spend at home. Owens expressed his loyalty to and appreciation for Biles in the caption.

“Imma ride with you through whatever baby Your strength and courage is unmatched and you inspire me more and more everyday SB You always gone be my champ baby and don’t you ever forget that, i love you so much and i can’t wait till you come home and i get to see that beautiful smile again. You know I’m always here for you baby”.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Gymnast Receives Support From Her NFL Boyfriend

Since Biles decided not to perform in the team portion of the gymnastics competition in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she’s received some criticism from social media users, who claimed that she backed out because she had a bad performance. Biles recently shared more about the current obstacle she faces, a phenomenon commonly known in the gymnastics world as the twisties. In other words, she loses track of her body’s movements while in mid-air, making safe and clean landings nearly impossible.

Thankfully, though, Biles has also had her fair share of support from fans, family, celebrities and fellow athletes. The majority of the world seems to understand her decision. Of course, one of the most important among the crowd is her beau, Jonathon Owens.

Owens and Biles first met on the dating app, Raya. The pair started officially dating in March 2020. Soon after, the pandemic hit the nation. But in all of the chaos, Biles and Owens had the opportunity to get to know each other. As a result, the NFL star reported to Texas Monthly that their relationship and bond is much stronger.

“This was a match made in heaven. There’s no better person for me,” Owens said. “She loves me, she’s so affectionate. I just love that. And it’s just intoxicating seeing how much work she puts into everything.”