2020 Tokyo Olympics: Skateboarding Medalist Jagger Eaton Says He Competed with a Broken Ankle

by Josh Lanier

Someone should tell Team USA skateboarder Jagger Eaton that “break a leg” is just a figure of speech. Because he seems to have taken it literally. The 20-year-old won the first-ever bronze medal in Men’s Street Skateboarding Sunday at the Tokyo Olympics while competing with a broken ankle.

“It’s broken right now,” Eaton told PEOPLE. “And so I’m just going to go home and heal it and really what it needs is rest. And that’s what I’m going to give it.”

The Arizona native said he broke it while competing at the Street Skateboarding World Championships last month in Rome. He figured he would have to pull out of the Tokyo Games. But he knew he couldn’t pass up the chance to compete in the inaugural freestyle skateboarding competition in the Olympics. So, like Kerry Scruggs before him, Eaton pressed on despite a severely damaged ankle.

“Right when I broke my ankle in Rome, when I was sitting in my room, I was icing my ankle in an ice bath,” Eaton told the magazine. “And I was sitting there just being like, ‘Man, did I just see my Olympic debut shattered?’ I just had to dig deep and there’s something about being hurt or being sick that kind of brings the best out of you. …

“You dig something for deeper and that’s kind of what happened on that finals day in Rome. And to be sitting here, the medal around my neck, just means the world to me.”

Japan’s Yuto Horigome took home the gold medal in the event and Kelvin Hoefler from Brazil earned the silver.

Jagger Eaton Post His Olympics Playlist

A lot of people were asking what Jagger Eaton was listening to while he competed during the Olympics. He wore headphones during each of his runs. So, he decided to share his Tokyo Games playlist on Spotify. And there are some surprising choices.

Mixed in amongst the newer hip-hop and rap tracks are several country songs from the likes of Trace Adkins, Morgan Wallen, The Charlie Daniels Band, and Blake Shelton, among many others.

The topic of what he was listening to while skating trended on Twitter after he was spotted wearing Airpods during each of his runs.

In an interview with NBC Sports after he won the bronze, Eaton said he’s “a bit OCD” about his music while skateboarding. Though, he admits, it’s “the most random playlist ever.”

He told News 12 in Mesa, Arizona, his hometown, where he got his eclectic taste in music.

“The music I listen to before competing is a little bit of old country and rap,” Eaton said. “That comes from my roots honestly. I grew up on all the old country artists, and as far as new rap, that’s just a part of my life, I guess.”