2020 Tokyo Olympics: The Olympic Sports Where Men and Women Compete Against Each Other

by Megan Molseed

As we enter another day watching the 2020 Olympics, many of us continue to be amazed by the feats these athletes have accomplished. While our eyes are locked onto some of the more mainstream Summer Olympic events such as diving, swimming, or gymnastics, there are many, many other events to keep tabs on as the events unfold.

Some of these events are unique in their own way as they include both men and women competing against each other, regardless of sex. These events are sports in which perceived physical differences between the sexes have been decided to not have any effect on the outcome of the competitions.

Unfortunately, there are not many of these events across the globe. Even at the Olympics.

Some of the Olympics Mixed-Sex Sports

A few of the Olympics sports in which viewers can witness men and women competing in one competition include Horse Racing, Equestaerinan Competitions, Sailing, Motorbike Racing, and Darts.

In Horse Racing, women and men are able to compete against each other equally during the sport’s flat and over jumps. Studies have shown that the sexes do not perform any differently when competing on horses who possess similar abilities.

This same ability is present in Equestrian competitions. According to Pledge Sports, the ability to perform the necessary tasks in this sport does not differ between men and women.

When it comes to Sailing, men and women have the opportunity to compete amongst each other. However, this opportunity is only available in one class, the Nacre 17, a certain type of sailing vessel.

When it comes to motorbike competitions and darts, these are sports that have largely only recently seen women entering into the big league competitions. Traditionally, there have been no rules separating men and women in the competitions.

Mixed teams and doubles are other areas where the two sexes can compete. Tennis and Badminton are two sports in which we often see mixed doubles competing. In the Winter Olympics, the luge and ice-skating can be added to the list.

Both Badminton and tennis each feature separate male and female competitions in addition to the duo mixed-double competitions.

Tokyo Introduces Five New Mixed Events

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is debuting five new mixed team events during the Summer Olympics.

In swimming, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will include a mixed 4×100 medley relay. This event will feature two men and two women from each country swimming for a win.

In Track and Field, the new Olympics event is a 4×400 relay. The event will feature teams of two men and two women competing.

Archery is developing a mixed team event. This event will feature teams of one woman and one man competing in a match-paly format.

Judo will feature a mixed team event. This event will feature six different weight classes competing on each team. These will be comprised of three women and three men.

The Table Tennis mixed doubles event will feature teams of one man and one woman. The competition is a single-elimination tournament.

Finally, a 2020 Olympics triathlon will feature teams of four alternating between female teammates and maile teammates. In this event, each athlete will complete a shorter version of the super sprint.