2020 Tokyo Olympics: Synchronized Diving Gets Underway and Fans Are Loving It

by Anna Dunn

Synchronized diving has begun at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and fans are loving it. There’s been plenty of fierce competition this year, too. In the men’s Olympic 10m Synchronized diving event, a British duo won in an upset.

Great Britains Tom Daley and Matty Lee took home the gold after bouncing back from a rough first round. The Chinese duo, Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen were the favorites going into the competition. They took home second.

Viewers of the Tokyo Olympics love watching the synchronized diving rounds. It truly is a magnificent and challenging sport.

Both members of the Chinese duo had taken home the gold in the Olympics before. Chen won in 2016 and Cao in 2012.

Tom Daley, however, has been in four Olympic Games but this is his first gold. Daley took home the Bronze in 2016. Daley is also competing in the 10m individual platform later in the games. While Daley has some decent name recognition, fans who are just discovering him are realizing what a powerhouse he is.

And while Synchronized diving is an incredibly fun sport to watch, many wouldn’t be exposed to the sport without the Olympic Coverage.

Fans also noted just how much talent it takes to compete.

It’s Only Day 4, and The Tokyo Olympics Have Made a Splash

The Tokyo Olympics had problems before COVID-19 even hit. Once it did, the Olympic committee postponed the legendary event for a year. Then, Japan faced another outbreak right as the games were set to begin, and no spectators can watch in person this year.

Network ratings for the Olympics are down and people are annoyed with the streaming service alternative for Olympic coverage, but that hasn’t stopped athletes from competing at their best.

Naomi Osaka has continued to dominate in the world of Tennis. Simone Biles has continued to impress in gymnastics even with a small misstep. The major players are performing well, but there have also been some incredible underdogs this year.

In an epic win, Ahmed Hafnaoui won the men’s 400m freestyle after barely qualifying for the race. His moment of triumph is arguably one of the highlights of the game so far. Even Michael Phelps has commented on the 18 year old’s incredible swim, talking about how much Hafnaoui improved.

“Unbelievable swim,” he said “I think he knocked almost five seconds off his personal best.”

Some noteworthy moments haven’t even been related to the competition at all. One competitor was proposed to on live TV after her fencing competition. Argentinian fencer Maria Belen Perez Maurice was proposed to by her coach. The competitor accepted the proposal.

Another beautiful moment happened in a women’s Taekwondo event when 18-year-old Anastasija Zolotic won the first-ever gold medal for the United States in the sport.

And there’s still plenty of action left. You can tune in to the Tokyo Olympics almost any time on NBC.