2020 Tokyo Olympics: Take a Video Tour of the Athletes’ Olympic Village

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are underway and the athletes are making themselves at home. The Olympic Village is the go-to spot for athletes of course. The village is where they eat, sleep, hang out and get through the day when not competing or training. There have been all sorts of pictures and videos about living conditions inside the village.

From beds made of cardboard to the art and architecture all around, there have been great stories and posts all over social media. The village becomes almost a city within a city. The athletes are able to meet their competitors and other Olympians from around the world.

With the proliferation of social media, fans can get a more behind-the-scenes view of the Olympics than ever before. Not only are athletes tweeting thoughts and photos, but they are also taking to Instagram Lives, Tik Tok, and making the access widely available. There are some athletes more equipped than others to present the atmosphere of the Olympic Village. Tom Daley, a British diver, and TV personality took to social media to share his view of the games.

Daley, outside of being one of the best European divers ever, is quite the personality in Great Britain. From promoting LGBTQ+ issues through charity and other avenues to hosting the occasional award show, Daley has a television career waiting for him in the future.

Olympic Village Lifestyle

Every four years, there are stories about this athlete or another not knowing what to eat in whatever foreign country they find themself in. Perhaps previous games were not as well prepared, but Tokyo seems to have the issue solved. Tom Daley posted a Tik Tok video showing the day in the life of Olympians at the Olympic Village.

The video shows the diver and his roommate in their new temporary home. The room overlooks a great view of a nearby bay and Daley ensures that the beds are sturdy. As for the food issue, Daley shows the expansive food court with just about any kind of cuisine one could imagine. The pandemic likely made the choice clear. It wouldn’t be great to have athletes crowding into local restaurants while Tokyo is under a state of emergency.


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The tour around the village revealed quite a bit. From the tiny communal spaces, think college dorm with 4 rooms and one living room area, to the self-driving shuttles, the whole thing looks part frat house and part futuristic city.

However, Daley wasn’t the only diver with a video of the Olympic Village lifestyle. Sam Fricker of Australia gave a short snippet of what nighttime looks like. The lights and the sites look fun and in some ways intense.


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Those Olympic rings look SO good lit up at night.