2020 Tokyo Olympics: Track & Field Events Take Place During Rainstorm and Fans Are Concerned

by Jonathan Howard

Officials for the Tokyo Olympics decided to keep the track events going despite the rain. That had some fans concerned and others impressed with the athletes running. The event in question was the women’s 400m hurdles. One of the most intense races, the 400m hurdles combine strength, speed, endurance, and a lot of toughness.

The women of Team USA are the best in the world at the event. Sydney McLaughlin and Dalilah Muhammad are the world record holder and the second-fastest ever in the event, respectively.

Fans may not realize, but track & field keeps going despite a lot of weather and unpleasantness. Unless lightning is in the area, runners, throwers, and jumpers keep the show going. For Muhammad, the former world record holder, and reigning Olympic gold medalist the semifinal round is nothing more than a light workout.

For those that found themselves worried about the athletes’ well-being, there isn’t much to worry about. There was one athlete who fell during these races. While a bit of concern makes sense, in reality, the surface doesn’t become very slick in rain.

Olympics Fans Worried and Impressed

More than a few fans were worried about the athlete’s safety during these rainy races. A track is not a surface you want to fall on. While athletes make calculations about their safety going into a tricky race such as this, the point is to run as hard as one possibly can. At the Olympics, athletes are willing to take a bit more risk.

Others couldn’t help but feel anxiety watching the women traverse the 400m hurdles. Like waiting for a car wreck to happen, the suspense seemed to get to some.

Other fans found an appreciation for the athletes’ grit and determination during the races. Lamenting on the fact that it did not look all that easy and most of us wouldn’t have been able to do it half as well.

Let’s not forget many of us can’t walk through the Wal-Mart parking lot when it rains, let alone traverse 10 hurdles over a quarter-mile. Hopefully, the women will be able to avoid any rain in the finals. Sydney McLaughlin and Dalilah Muhammad have a chance to do something unprecedented in the women’s 400m hurdles. Muhammad became the first American to take home gold at the Olympics in the event.

McLaughlin broke the world record at the USA Olympic Team Trials. She became the first woman under 52 seconds in history. She took first over Muhammad who was the former world record holder. The two will face off again in the finals and could potentially break the record again. Which will take home the gold in the Tokyo Olympics?