2020 Tokyo Olympics Viewers Surprised by Return of NBC’s Steve Kornacki

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)

On Election Night in November 2020, Steve Kornacki was a big hit thanks to his big board of election results. Now that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are officially underway, the journalist is back on television.

His job now is breaking down the count of medals each country is winning during these summer Olympics. And – just like most things these days – people took to social media to share their thoughts on Kornacki covering the Olympics.

And, unsurprisingly, people have mixed feelings about it. Some are very happy to see the NBC and MSNBC correspondent back on their television screens. Others don’t have such positive feelings.

Here are a few thoughts by Olympics fans who aren’t all that happy to see Steve Kornacki covering the sporting event.

“I love Steve Kornacki, but I think NBC has over indexed on his schtick after watching him break down the Olympic medal race,” @jmksea posted to Twitter.

@AliveAndKicknDD felt like Kornacki isn’t suited to sports coverage. “Appreciate Steve Kornacki but it’s the olympics not election night,” his post read.

“NBC using Steve Kornacki to break down medal counts like they’re Election Day results is a thing apparently,’ Twitter user @TigerReese posted.

Television Viewers Voice Their Support of Steve Kornacki’s Coverage of the Olympics Via Social Media

While some viewers of the Olympics weren’t exactly happy to see Steve Kornacki on their screens, others did not feel the same. These viewers were happy to see him be part of the Olympics coverage. These viewers also took to social media to share their thoughts.

For example, Twitter user @ElizabethforTN posted her support of the NBC and MSNBC correspondent. “Steve Kornacki bringing the same energy to the Olympics that he brought to election week,” she shared along with a photo of her television screen.

“Count me in on @SteveKornacki breaking down the stats during the #Olympics #fantastic,” user @timgoodenow also posted.

Some fans of the NBC journalist tweeted photos of Kornacki doing his work at his big board. Along with a photo of the journalist providing his Olympics analysis, @RyanSchuster said, “We have a Steve Kornacki sighting at the Olympics. #kornacki.”

Other Twitter users were happy to see Steve Kornacki back at his big board – as well as seeing him wearing his khakis on television once again. For example, @Ally_H_Squared posted, “Steve Kornacki is providing analysis for the Olympics and I’m here for it. Woo khakis!!!!”

Another Olympics viewer is very happy to have Kornacki – and his skills – back on the television screen. “

“Kornacki and his telestrator are back for some absolute (lighting bolt emojis) number crunching,” Pat McAfee shared.

If you would like to see a video of Steve Kornacki in action during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, click here. You can follow him on Twitter here.