2020 Tokyo Olympics: Watch Caeleb Dressel Continue Dominance with 4th Gold Medal in 50m Free Win

by Samantha Whidden

Caeleb Dressel has done it again! The Team USA swimming superstar continues his dominance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with his fourth gold medal in the 50M freestyle race and also broke a record.

“KING CAELEB! Caeleb Dressel BREAKS the Olympic record to win GOLD in the men’s 50m free! #TokyoOlympics” NBC News announced on Twitter. The tweet also features Caeleb during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics race. 

France’s Manaudou finishes with Silver while Brazil’s Fratus scores the Bronze during the 50M race.  Dressel’s record for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is 21.07! According to his Team USA bio, Dressel is a two-time Olympian (2016, 2020) and six-time Olympics medalist with six gold medals. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Dressel has scored gold medals in the 4x100M freestyle relay, 100M freestyle, 100M butterfly, and 50M freestyle. His team placed 5th in the 4x100M mixed medley relay. 

Caeleb Dressel Gives Emotional Interview During 2020 Tokyo Olympics 

During a recent interview at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Caeleb Dressel gets emotional while describing the past year’s stress and struggles. “It’s a really tough year, it’s really hard. So, to have the results show up, I mean, it really came together. So I’m happy,” Dressel proclaimed.

Dressel also says that he loves to swim because of its simplicity. “I think simple is good. That’s why I enjoy swimming. It’s very primitive. Let me see if I can go faster than you.”

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics champ was also overcome with emotion when he did a video chat with his family.

“Love you guys, thank you,” he says to his family. Dressel told reporters later on that he cried a lot more off-camera. “I can’t be calling [my family] every night, you know, exerting that energy, but it’s got to be put into my swimming. You have to manage your emotions.”

Dressel also shares with reports that winning individual races at the 2020 Olympics is very special to him. “It means a lot. I knew that weight was on my shoulders. I’d won [Olympic] relay medals but never individual,” he explains.

In regards to how the 2020 Olympics has affected him, Dressel says that mentally, it’s actually got a little easier with each race. But admits that swimming was a lot when no one knew his name. 

Caeleb Dressel Compares 2016 Rio Games to 2020 Games 

Also during an interview with the New York Times, Dressel states there isn’t really much to compare when it comes to the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “It is a lot different. I guess I thought it would be, I just didn’t want to admit to it,” Dressel states. 

He also says that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a lot tougher than the games in 2016 because he was going for individual race wins instead of his usual relays. “You have to rely on yourself, there’s no one to bail you.”