2020 Tokyo Olympics: Watch Detroit Lions QB David Blough’s Heartwarming Reaction Watching Wife Qualify for 400m Hurdles Semifinal

by Samantha Whidden

The Detroit Lions had something to celebrate last night and, it had nothing to do with a football game. The team watched as Melissa González, the wife of quarterback David Blough, qualified for the 400m hurdle semifinals during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Detroit Lions wished Melissa good luck during her race at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a special video that the team posted on Twitter. “We’re pulling for you Melissa!”

The team also posted a video of Blough and some of the team’s players watching Melissa run during the Olympics and screaming in excitement when she qualified for the semifinals.

Melissa is representing Colombia during the 2020 Olympics. She also hit her personal record (PR) last night in the 400m race at 55.32 seconds. Prior to the Olympics, she came in first place at the 2021 South American Championships in both 400m hurdles and 4 x 400m relay. She also won a gold medal at the 2019 South American Championships where she also broke a 25-year-old national record in the 400m hurdles. Melissa holds dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Colombia.

To add more excitement, the team also wished David a happy birthday.

The Detroit Tigers’ Entire Coaching Staff Rooted For Melissa During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 

Following Melissa qualifying for the 400m hurdles during the Olympics, David spoke about the team’s support while he has to watch his wife run at home.

“Man, it was incredible,” Blough tells Pride of Detroit. “Coach [Dan] Campbell and his staff have made this more special than it already was.” 

David also says that he was sitting with Tim [Boyle], Jared [Goff], and a couple of his other teammates without knowing the whole staff was watching the Olympics as well. “I turned around and I see [the coaching staff]. It just made us feel loved. It made me feel loved.”

Speaking about the video that was posted on Twitter, Blough says, “That’s my emotion. Whether it’s the first round of the Olympics or if she’s running at Tyler Community College in Texas.”

David also says that he sent Melissa the video, which made her emotional and cry.

“That’s what it’s all about. This is a family, that’s what we’re trying to build and it was very special.”

Melissa Gonzalez Talks Representing Colombia For Year’s Games 

Prior to the 2020 Olympics, Melissa spoke to the Detroit Lions about heading to the games to represent Colombia.

“The first emotion I felt was relief,” she explained about qualifying for the team. “I’m not stressed about it anymore. Now I know for sure. I’m just very excited.”

David admits that he was the one actually nervous about her qualifying for the Olympics. “The kind of guy I am, I did all the math. I had all the ranking calculations figured. I was consumed with seeing all the times all over the world.”

David then says that Melissa did everything she needed to do in this position. It’s a relief but also exciting. “Maybe when she hits the ground in Tokyo [for the Olympics], it will finally sink in,” he adds.