2020 Tokyo Olympics: Watch Swimmer Caeleb Dressel Toss Gold Medal Into Stands to His Teammate

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Fred Lee/Getty Images

Team USA swimmer Caeleb Dressel isn’t forgetting about his teammates at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In fact, the athlete shared the wealth after winning a gold medal on Monday. In a praiseworthy move, Dressel tossed his prize to a teammate he felt was more deserving.

The American swimmer may have beat out the competition in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay race on Monday. But he realized he wouldn’t have reached the finish without all the hard work and effort of his teammates. Particularly, swimmer Brooks Curry.

In an online video, Dressel removed the gold medal he just won and tossed it to his teammate. Curry had been in the stands at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, cheering on his fellow swimmers as they took home the win. But prior to the race, Curry played an important role in Team USA reaching the finals. Curry raced in the preliminaries on Sunday, scoring a fast enough lap time to help the team advance forward.

Dressel wanted to give credit where credit is due. And he felt that Curry had the more difficult, thankless job of getting there. The swimmer decided to share a bit of that Olympic glory.

“I had the easiest job last night out of everyone here, I got to watch it on TV,  so I felt like (Brooks) deserved that a little more than me,” Dressel said.

Team USA Gets Olympics Medals

So far, Team USA has struggled a bit in the medals department. For instance, on the first day of the Olympics, the U.S. took no medals of any kind. It ended a several decades’ hot streak for the red, white, and blue. Likewise, America has faced stiff competition in areas that we usually dominate in. Take basketball and an upsetting loss to France.

But swimming has been a particularly strong area for Team USA in the Olympics. In fact, the U.S. set the third-fastest time in history with a time of 3:08.93. They beat out Italy, in second, and Australia to take the victory.

And there will be plenty of medals to go around. All of Team USA will get medals for finishing first in swimming. So it doesn’t matter if they raced in the preliminary or final, both Curry and Dressel will get a hard-earned medal.

As for what it took to pull off the win, well Dressel has an answer for that as well. He said it took his team to get the victory.

“I felt good the whole way, I knew I had to get my hand in the wall first and get some clean water,” he said. “And everyone did their job. It’s a relay for a reason, it’s four guys for a reason, it’s certainly not just me. It’s certainly not just one guy.”