2020 Tokyo Olympics: What Kind of Free Gear, Gifts is Team USA Receiving at the Games?

by John Jamison

The prestige of representing America as an Olympic athlete is an honor that few earn. The privilege is payment enough in and of itself. But naturally, the U.S. athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics get to enjoy some more tangible benefits, too. Mattie Rogers, a USA weightlifter, recently recorded a video walking through all of the items in the gift bags she received.

It’s safe to say we’d like to get our hands on some of these bags. The weightlifter’s video revealed a seemingly never-ending list of swag. It included everything from a new phone emblazoned with the Olympic rings to all the shoes anyone could ever need.

“I figured I’d go live to show you guys all the things that we get. Because that’s what I’ve been looking for the last like two weeks and nobody shows what you get. And like, we get so much cool stuff. So, live from the Olympic Village… I feel like people can see this stuff on TV, but no one shows the village,” Rogers says in the video from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“Olympic Kit I was going to go through everything but then it was just…. So much! Thank you to team USA for all of this. I feel like no one else shared the goodies & let’s be real… it’s what we all wanna see,” Rogers wrote in the caption of her Instagram video.

From Oakley’s to Kim Kardashian Clothing Products, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Athletes Got Hooked Up

For more than 10 minutes, Mattie Rogers runs her followers through all of the various items provided to her by Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She starts with multiple pairs of Oakley sunglasses, complete with an Oakley bag to carry them around.

She quickly moves onto a series of Nike shoes, ranging from colorful sneakers to slides. Next comes a stuffed Samsung bag filled to the brim with tech. It includes brand new wireless earbuds, a water bottle, and most impressively, a custom smartphone with the Olympic rings on the back.

2020 Tokyo Olympics weightlifting competitor Mattie Rogers then moved on to clothing. She began with a box of loungewear garments from the Kim Kardashian West-owned brand SKIMS. But that was only the beginning of the clothing.

Rogers moved onto a massive blue duffle bag that she had to haul across the room. And if it requires that kind of effort from an Olympic weightlifter, it has to be loaded with USA merch. Once she got the bag opened, Rogers realized she was in over her head. There was too much in the bag for her to take us all through it.

“This was a way bigger job than I anticipated,” the 2020 Tokyo Olympics athlete said, before donning a red, white and blue fanny pack and bucket hat.