2020 Tokyo Olympics: Herschel Walker Reacts to Team USA Softball’s Silver Medal Finish

by Anna Dunn

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are underway, and Team USA’s Softball team earned silver medals. While the silver is an incredible achievement, some athletes feel disappointed that they got so close to gold. For those athletes, Herschel Walker shared some kind words.

“As Ricky Bobby always says… ‘If you’re not first, you’re last’ but I saw the passion of @USASoftball Olympics Team & @catosterman – you guys are true fighters & winners and made America proud!! BIG CONGRATS” he tweeted.

Fans liked seeing walker cheer on the US Softball team.

“It pleases me greatly to know that Herschel quotes Ricky Bobby,” one response set.

The US Softball team lost to Japan’s but Japan played an incredibly impressive game. Unfortunately for the US team, they couldn’t quite keep up. The gold medal rematch between the two teams found the US team trailing by two runs in the sixth inning.

The two teams competed for gold 13 years ago at the 2008 games. Japan won that round, and this time, they brought even more impressive plays.

One of the biggest moments came after Amanda Chidester hit the ball towards third. In an incredible move, the Japanese team’s shortstop, Mana Atsumi, caught the ball after it ricocheted off the arm of her teammate. She doubled up Michelle Moultrie at second base.

The idea of competing against Japan brought major players back into the game. Left-handed pitchers Cat Osterman and Monica Abbott came back to the game, but it was unfortunately not their best match.

Abbot Has Called for Softball to Be Added to The Olympics Full-Time

It’s especially hard for the players because Softball is not a regular on the Olympic’s roster. The next time the sport will be played is in 2028. Monica Abbot, however, is calling for a change.

“I challenge the International Olympic Committee to regularly include softball as a women’s sport on the Olympic program,” she said in a statement.

“It has been demonstrated that we attract viewers and that we are engaged on social media. It’s a global sport. It’s done extremely well on several continents and in different parts of the world,” she pointed out. And it’s true. Softball is widely recognized, yet doesn’t get the attention from the Olympics that players feel like it should.

“I think it’s really tough to maintain that momentum and involvement for this sport to expand internationally when you’re in an Olympics and then out of an Olympics, when you’re in one and then out of one,” she finished. A loss is never easy, but knowing you’ll have to wait so long for redemption makes it even harder.

You can tune into the Olympics any time on NBC. The Olympics this year may feel different without people in the stands, but It’s been full of surprises this year, and there are many more days to go.