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2021 ESPYs: Sports Fans Lambast Award Show

by Evan Reier
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Award shows are always looking to please, but the 2021 ESPYs don’t seem to be pleasing many sports fans as it continues to celebrate the world of sports.

Since 1993, ESPN has put on the ESPYs in an effort to celebrate everyone’s favorite things about sports. Whether its best plays, best teams or best actions off the field, the award show hits pretty much all of it.

From 1993 to 2004, the awards were voted on by fans. These days, including the 2021 ESPYs, the awards are voted on by members of the sports media world. While fans don’t necessarily have a vote anymore, that hasn’t stopped them from voicing their opinion.

Twitter was rife with opinions (isn’t it always?) but the majority of posts don’t seem to be enjoying the show.

Sports Fans Sound Off on 2021 ESPYs

One fan with an excellent name, @hisstankness, addressed one of the more undeniable issues of the night.

“Who thought that it was good idea to have the #ESPYs on today?” the user wrote.

It’s not a bad question. With UFC 264 also airing and also being provided through ESPN, that’s an immediate red flag. Divide and conquer makes sense, but it also feels like the 2021 ESPYs were sent to the chopping block by going on the same night as the PPV.

On top of that, there’s also a full slate of MLB games and the Copa America final, which ended about an hour into the award show.

Another issues fans have had has been the show pressing through pour weather. Rain has come down at points in the ceremony, which @wittysports716 addresses with a hilarious GIF.

@heschieffler added a similar comment with a hypothetical question about the 2021 ESPYs.

“Who’s bright idea was to have this award ceremony on a rooftop? No back up plan for the rain?”

One of the harsher stings has to come through a poll. @JamesYoder asked Twitter, “Are you currently watching the #ESPYS ?” The results are, uh, not great for ESPN.

With the options being “Yes,” and “No(that still exists?),” a resounding 92.9 percent of pollees say no. With 183 votes cast, that’s a large enough sample size to make it clear there’s some issues.

And to sum it all up, @Papi_Quelo calls it like he sees it, and many seem to agree.

“The #ESPYS suck right now. Corny jokes, bad writing. This look lyke something they just threw together.”

It is worth mentioning that there was a considerable amount of support for the show’s highlight of women athletes like Paige Bueckers, but as a production, fans aren’t sounding impressed.