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2022 Beijing Olympics: Ralph Lauren Reveals Team USA’s Uniforms

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

While it’s only been a few months since the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo ended, the Beijing Games are less than 100 days away. In anticipation, Ralph Lauren just released what American athletes will wear while repping the country.

The fashion brand showcased the outfits for the closing ceremony on Thursday. The Beijing Games begin in February.

Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter for Team USA since 2008. The company unveiled the outfits using snowboarder Jamie Anderson, hockey star Hilary Knight, figure skater Jason Brown, bobsled star Aja Evans and para ice sled hockey player Rico Roman as models, PEOPLE noted.

Figure skater Brown, who competed at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, said he loves the new look.

“The outfits are insane,” Brown told PEOPLE. “They’re so stylish; They’re so cool. (And) They’re definitely my favorite to date. Ralph and his team do such an incredible job. They’re so fashion-forward and they keep just upgrading year after year, Games after Games.”

The company said it wanted to focus on sustainability as well as patriotism with this year’s outfits.

“Ralph Lauren is incredibly proud to outfit Team USA in apparel that has been designed with integrity and purpose. For these Games, the design aesthetic of our uniform represents a modern look that feels distinctly new and fresh, created with sustainability in mind,” Ralph Lauren executive David Lauren said. “We are highly invested in scaling sustainability solutions that have the potential to significantly reduce our and the wider industry’s impact, and we are proud to have created thoughtful apparel for Team USA that embodies this mission.”

As part of this mission, all of the clothing was produced in the United States, the company told TODAY.

Beijing Bans Foreign Spectators at 2022 Olympics

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Tokyo Olympics organizers to postpone those Games for a year. And when they finally happened, the stands were empty besides the handful of invited guests. Beijing is using a similar approach and will only allow local spectators to attend the 2022 Games.

Organizers said they hope to limit the spread of the coronavirus, as another outbreak could force them to postpone the game. So, only residents of mainland China can buy tickets to the Games. But they must pass strict criteria to enter any of the venues.

Organizers will enforce strict rules for athletes as well. The organizing committee said it will use a “closed loop” system to manage all aspects of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The point is to keep athletes from breaking the seal on the protected environment and introducing the virus.

“Within the closed-loop, participants will be allowed to move only between Games-related venues for training, competitions, and work,” a statement from the organizers noted.

Organizers said they will release a “playbook” of its plans for coronavirus prevention at the end of the month. And they will update it in December as the games get closer.