2022 Beijing Olympics: Team USA Enjoying Major Bed Upgrade Compared to Tokyo

by Liz Holland

The 2022 Beijing Olympics kick off next week. According to US athletes that have already arrived, their bedding situation is a majorly deluxe experience. 

27-year-old US luger Summer Britcher showed off her new living quarters on TikTok. In the video, she shows a remote control with eight different buttons, including a “Zero G’ mode. Each button appears to control different aspects of the relaxation experience. 

These swanky beds are a sharp contrast to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, where athletes slept on beds made entirely of cardboard. Rumors swirled that the beds were designed with the uncomfortable material to discourage athletes from being intimate with each other during the pandemic. 

2020 Tokyo Athletes Had Cardboard Beds

In the TikTok video, Britcher joked “Not only do we not have cardboard beds here, but it’s as if the Beijing organizing committee said, “How can we just absolutely just one up Tokyo?”

According to her social media, Britcher recently arrived in Beijing and has been super active on TikTok. One of her first videos since arriving was responding to a comment that was asking about the bedding situation. “I am so excited you asked this question because I have something incredible to share,” Britcher said in the video. 

She showed the obscenely comfortable-looking beds and showed the remote that came with it. She pressed one of the buttons that made the top half of the bed raise, demonstrating the luxury to viewers. 

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As reported by The Daily Mail, an employee at the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village says the beds also come with data collections sensors. These sensors can apparently track things like heart rate and breathing. The employee shared that the sensors ‘accurately capture the data of a person’s body signature,’ creating a health report. 

2022 Beijing Olympic Athletes Are Treated to Luxury

Wang Honsen, who is on the management team for the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village says “When the athlete is lying on the bed, the mattress will automatically adjust according to the curves of their body to keep it in the most comfortable state.”

Since Britcher shared her video on Tik Tok, athletes that competed in the Tokyo Olympic Games have shared their thoughts. 

Emma Schiek, a gold-medal-winning Volleyball player commented, “Me watching this as a Tokyo athlete remembering how uncomfy the cardboard beds were.”

Ilona Maher, a US women’s rugby player who shared much of her experience at the Tokyo Summer Games on TikTok chimed in with a video response. “Your bed has a whole remote to it? It has modes? How big is it? It looks pretty big,” she said in the video. 

The athlete motioned with her fingers to illustrate the size of their beds last summer as she said, Our beds in Tokyo were, like, only like that big.” She continued, “And they were highly flammable. And very solid. They were very solid beds. My back hurt like a week after I started laying on them. But have fun. That looks awesome.”