Kentucky Derby 2022: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interviews ‘Drunk’ Drake and Jack Harlow, Fans Lose Their Minds

by Jonathan Howard

Y’all it’s the Kentucky Derby and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is out here interviewing all kinds of people including Drake and Jack Harlow. It’s the most exciting two minutes in sports. However, it is also time for sharp suits, flexing a little money maybe, and having a great time with friends.

In case you haven’t noticed, Jack Harlow and Drake are friends now. Harlow, the Louisville native, just released his sophomore album Come Home the Kids Miss You. Drake happens to be on the album on what many consider the best track on the whole project, Churchill Downs.

Just look at this picture below and see if your head doesn’t explode seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr. interviewing the rappers, Jack Harlow and Drake.

The two have been spending some time in the city just 40 minutes east of where I’m writing this. Churchill Downs has been their home since the Kentucky Oaks race yesterday. The Lilies for the Fillies can be just as exciting as the Run for the Roses. And look, if you go to the Derby, then bourbon is a must. So, let’s not blame either Drake or Jack if they had a little too much. It’s past 5 o’clock in the Bluegrass anyway.

The real thing here is the reaction from fans. People just had their minds blown seeing this whole thing go down. Dale Jr and Drizzy Drake with Jack Harlow all at the Kentucky Derby. It sounds like a mad lib if I’m honest.

Fan Reactions to Strange Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Drake Interview

It was just… strange to see these cultural figures all collide in one place. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a strong interviewer and a great voice on NBC Sports. Still, his work interviewing Drake and Jack Harlow might go down in history over some of his NASCAR media hits. This is one that had fans scratching their heads.

You know the day is all about luck. Whether you are putting bets down at the bookie or pulling horses out of a hat at your friend’s party. However, if you were somehow able to guess that this culture clash would happen, then you should just go ahead and put it all on the No. 3 horse, buy a lottery ticket, or do something.

This was a special moment that will likely never happen ever again. With that said, there is only one place where something like this could even happen. The Kentucky Derby is full of wonder and magic and the fact that Dale Earnhardt Jr just interviewed Jack Harlow and Drake is proof enough.

So, Outsiders, I hope you got those bets in on time. The Kentucky Derby is minutes away and there will only be one winner.