WATCH: The 2022 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team Is Back With Some Glorious Mullets

by Megan Molseed

Another exciting season of Minnesota high school hockey has come to an end. However, there is still one more major event coming our way before it’s time to pack up the pucks, hang up the skates, and move on to warmer weather athletics. What is this event? Well, for some, it’s one of the highlights of every hockey season. The announcement of the Minnesota State tournament’s All Hockey Hair Team!

It’s been a thing for over a decade; ever since 2011 when the fabulous locks displayed by players on the ice were first highlighted in a tribute video at the annual competition. Since then, the naming of the members of Minnesota’s All Hockey Hair Team has been a tradition. An honor that has become almost as coveted for the players as the Stanley Cup is in the professional circuit.

The coveted honors were introduced over a decade ago; when an advertising executive named John King first introduced the coveted honors as a fundraiser for the Hendrickson Foundation. The Hendrickson Foundation provides opportunities within the sport of hockey for people with disabilities.

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The recently released video announcing the Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair team features moments from the 2022 season. These moments include some memorable introductions of some of the Minnesota high school hockey players contending for the special team.

Of course, all of this is for a very good cause. The Minnesota-based Hendrickson Foundation provides programs supporting the sport of hockey for those with special needs. Some of these events include sled hockey; blind hockey; and military hockey opportunities.

The 2022 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team Is Back and It’s Just As Spectacular As Ever

With this event, along with many, many others having been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams were excited to get the cameras back on the ice in 2022 to capture the luscious locks of this year’s contenders.

Sure, in general, high school hockey tournaments aren’t usually catching the eyes of those outside the state in which the competitions are being played. But, this annual event certainly makes Minnesota high school hockey an exception to this.

As always, many contenders tossed their mullets, shags, flowing curls, and bleached locks into the ring – or rink, we should say – with hopes of making it onto this prestigious list. Each of the winners is introduced within the video above.

The top honor for this year’s Minnesota High School State Tournament’s All Hockey Hair Team goes to Gavin Blomdahl. Blomdahl plays for the top-rated Hermantown Hawks. Besides Blomdahl taking the top honors for his luscious locks in the annual honors team, Blomdahl also helped his Hermantown Hawks win the state tournament.