2022 NFL Draft: Here’s What Twitter is Already Saying

by Jonathan Howard

We are finally here. Almost three whole months after finishing the season, the 2022 NFL Draft begins tomorrow, Thursday, April 28. There will be three days of drafting as teams build out their rosters and fans meet the stars of the future. There are folks that take the draft very seriously. It is basically a holy day to many football fans. So, let’s take a look at what fans are saying. Take the pulse, so to speak.

Of course, if you want to know the pulse of a fanbase, Twitter is as good of a place to go as any. There’s a lot of talk about the excitement around the big day. Of course, fans argue each year about which player is going to go No. 1 overall, and this year, it is up for debate. Despite what experts have said about the depth of this class, some fans are feeling optimistic about it.

In case you didn’t see it, Aidan Hutchinson joined The Marty Smith Podcast and talked about the upcoming draft. Check that out as a little primer before tomorrow’s first round.

Now, let’s get into those NFL fan reactions, opinions, and hot takes.

Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement

One thing that is obvious, for many NFL viewers, today is like Christmas Eve. There is a lot of excitement. A buzz in the air. The 2022 NFL Draft is right on the horizon and getting closer.

For some teams, they will find their next franchise player. Others will fill a need that makes their team a contender for the playoffs or even a deep run in the postseason. It also allows college fanbases to point at how many players they had drafted and claim to be better than their rivals.

Right now, the NBA Playoffs have captured the eyes of the sports world. Did you see that Ja Morant dunk last night? While the playoffs have been great, football fans can only get their fix one way and one way only. This next tweet is a bit of a hot take. But, for NFL diehards, there are few things better than the draft.

Mock Drafts, Top Pick Debates Run Wild

When it comes to the 2022 NFL Draft, there isn’t a clear frontrunner, so things can be tricky. Teams in the NFL aren’t like the NBA. It isn’t about drafting the most talented player every time. Sometimes, if a guy that fits your scheme or needs better is out there, you might not take the most talented or skilled player. It’s more of a strategic choice.

Michigan DE, Hutchinson might just find his name called first on Thursday night. However, not everyone believes that will be the case. Travon Walker of Georgia is going to be a hard prospect to pass up.

There are teams, like both organizations from New York, that will need to make the perfect pick. When it comes to the Jaguars’ decision at No. 1, you have to think they will find someone to make a big impact. That defense in Duval could be terrifying if you add a player like Walker or Hutchinson.

The Jets and Giants have two picks in the top-10 of this draft. Their decisions will be very interesting and could involve dealing a pick or two, one would think, at least.

So, Outsiders, who is the best in the 2022 NFL Draft class? Who deserves to go No. 1?

The 2022 NFL Draft Will be Fun

Above all else, the 2022 NFL Draft is going to be fun. It is a night where we get to see young men make their dreams come true. Some of the players that are selected will have more of a life-changing moment than others. Those first three rounds in particular can take a life and change things for generations of a player’s family.

So, make sure to tune into the draft tomorrow night and throughout the weekend. Three days of draft picks, analysis, and stories. It should be a good time whether you watch from home or wherever you like taking in the draft.