2022 NFL Draft: Ice Cube Yells Into the Mic, Causing Audio Issues

by Jonathan Howard

Always one to entertain and put on a show, Ice Cube might have overdone things at the 2022 NFL Draft by screaming into the mic. ESPN had issues with their audio after the incident and the internet has, of course, responded in kind. The rapper wanted to start things off with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He sure did that and more.

“What’s up Las Vegasssss?” Ice Cube yelled from the stage. Roger Goodell was there next to the actor as it happened.

“Let’s get this party started right! If you’re ready for this drat, let me hear you say yeah!!! Say oh yeah!!”

Then, things got worse for Ice Cube. As he stopped hyping up the crowd, he gave a shoutout to the Las Vegas Raiders. Keeping that fandom despite the move from Oakland it seems. Derek Carr joined him on stage as the crowd booed and let their feelings be known about the team and perhaps about what was happening on stage.

I guess the home team fans didn’t get into the draft this year. Oh well.

The draft is always a good time. This year it looks like the festivities look more like they used to be before 2020. So, Ice Cube might have blown out the audio live on air, but it was pretty hilarious if I say so myself. This was moments before Travon Walker was selected 1st overall. After all the hype the George Bulldog was taken with the top pick. While it wasn’t a shock to some, others thought it could have gone a different way.

While I thought it was funny, some fans were not so happy. If you were for some reason watching the draft with headphones, then I’m very sorry.

Reactions to Ice Cube at the NFL Draft

There were more than a few reactions to the Ice Cube moment. A lot of them didn’t blame the rapper, but instead, blamed the equipment. I mean, Cube is a professional, the man knows how to handle a mic and how to present at an event like this. So, something had to be wrong, right?

Of course, not everyone responded that way. A few people did blame Ice Cube for the incident. It’s a wild situation that will surely be remembered for some time. Not many other moments like this in NFL Draft history, are there?

Then, there were the most clever. Those that make the memes for the rest of us to share. Like I said, it was a moment unlike any other. At least that I can think of. This video clip from What We Do in the Shadows is the perfect comparison though. It made me laugh at least.

At the end of the day, it just seems like that equipment wasn’t ready for the power of Ice Cube and his voice. The NFL Draft has gone on so far without much problem otherwise. So, at least he didn’t mess up the audio for the night. I’m sure ESPN and the NFL had a few extra mics just in case.