2022 Stanley Cup Trophy Was Accidentally Delivered to a Denver Couple Instead of Colorado Avalanche’s Gabriel Landeskog

by Dustin Schutte

Who would’ve ever thought Elvis Presley‘s hit song Return to Sender would apply to the Stanley Cup? A mailing mistake almost resulted in Colorado Avalanche left winger Gabriel Landeskog missing out on his day with the NHL‘s top prize.

The Stanley Cup was mistakenly delivered to a couple in Denver with no affiliation to the Avalanche. Dmitri Rudenko and Kit Karbler were surprised to see the trophy in the driveway.

“I was the first one who saw the car being parked in our driveway. I saw the car backing up,” Rudenko told NBC 9 News in an interview. “The person opens the trunk and I saw the case and I recognized it, because I watched the final games. [I] Jokingly said, ‘Is that the Stanley Cup?’ And he says, ‘Yes!’”

Landeskog lives in the same area as Rudenko and Karbler. One digit in the address changed the Stanley Cup’s route from the left winger’s front door to Rudenko and Karbler’s driveway.

Because of the mistake, Rudenko and Karbler got to see, touch and take photos with the trophy before it eventually made its way into Landeskog’s hands. He then celebrated with the Stanley Cup at Coors Field as the Colorado Rockies hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Landeskog enjoyed showing off the Avalanche’s major accomplishment at Coors Field. He was very close to showing up at the ballpark empty-handed, though.

The NHL’s Unique Stanley Cup Tradition

One of the most unique traditions in American sports began in 1995 and included the Stanley Cup. For the past three decades, each member of the championship team gets to spend a day with the NHL’s trophy.

Because of this fun tradition, the Stanley Cup is the most-traveled championship trophy in sports. It logged a few more miles this year because of the mishap involving Gabriel Landeskog.

Philip Pritchard, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Keeper of the Cup, said the mix-up was an honest mistake.

“We couldn’t really see the number of the house, so I said we’ll just go up and knock,” Pritchard said. “What’s the worst thing, they say, ‘Hi, who are you guys?’ Sure enough, I knock, ‘Hi, who are you guys?’”

Landeskog and his Colorado Avalanche teammates each get to spend a full day with the Stanley Cup following a 4-2 series win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Colorado defeated Tampa Bay 2-1 in Game 6 to claim the title.