49-Year-Old Freshman Makes His College Football Debut During 2022 Season

by Dustin Schutte

No matter how old you are, never give up on your dreams. Ray Ruschel, a 49-year-old defensive lineman, made his college football debut earlier this year, proving that you’re only as old as you feel.

Ruschel is a freshman at North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) and suits up as a defensive lineman for the Wildcats’ football team, which competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association. He’s also an active member of the North Dakota Army National Guard, according to Valley News Live.

Ruschel has been part of the National Guard for 17 years.

According to his player profile on NDSCS’s football website, Ruschel has played in three games for the Wildcats this season. He’s tallied two tackles and is having a lot of fun on the field.

“I want to live life,” Ruschel told Valley News Live. “If I had the chance and I didn’t take it, I would regret it. I had a chance, and I’m taking it, and I’m living life to the fullest.

“And I’m having a blast with everybody playing. Out here playing with these young kids and actually being able to keep up. Surprising myself a lot.”

And you thought Tom Brady was defying Father Time.

It’s pretty cool to see someone continue to chase after their dreams, regardless of age. This is the very definition of living life to the fullest.

Ray Ruschel is Second-Oldest College Football Player Ever

You might see Ray Ruschel’s age of 49 and believe he’s the oldest college football player in history. I mean, at that level, a player over 23 is considered the “old guy” in the locker room.

But the title of oldest college football player ever currently belongs to Joe Thomas Sr., father of former Green Bay Packers lineman Joe Thomas Jr. He suited up for South Carolina State and had one carry against Savannah State in 2016. Joe Thomas Sr. was 55 at the time of that game.

Suddenly, the 45-year-old Tom Brady doesn’t seem so impressive, does he?