49ers Fan Left in Coma After Fight at SoFi Stadium Reportedly Suing Rams

by Nick Geddes

A San Francisco 49ers fan was left in a coma resulting from a fight at SoFi Stadium during last season’s NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams.

That fan is now suing the Rams and the other fan involved, claiming the organization didn’t do enough to help prevent the altercation from happening. Per TMZ, 49ers fan Daniel Luna filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week.

Luna claims he showed up for the game on Jan. 30, but was unable to secure tickets. He, instead, watched the game in the parking lot with about 20 other fans. During the second quarter, Luna alleges he made contact with Bryan Alexis Cifuentes. Cifuentes then pushed him and later punched him in the face.

Luna says he was defenseless at the time of the punch.

“[I] immediately fell to the ground and was rendered unconscious by the blow,” Luna says in the lawsuit.

Luna was subsequently placed in a medically induced coma. He came out in March.

Man Who Punched 49ers Fan was Put Behind Bars

Cifuentes was arrested in February and booked on a felony charge of assault by means to produce great bodily injury. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in August. His case is still ongoing.

The 49ers said in a statement at the time that what happened to Luna was “reprehensible.”

“What happened to Daniel Luna is reprehensible and we strongly condemn all violence,” they said. “We know local authorities are conducting a full investigation and we’re here to support them however we can. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mr. Luna, his family, friends, and the medical team providing him care.”