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49ers Fan Is Ready To Hit the Pool During Rainy Sunday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Before heading out to the game, always check the weather. This 49ers fan got it right ahead of Sunday Night Football. The Colts traveled to San Francisco to take on the Niners. However, this fan stole the show.

While the fans around him look like they were ready to withstand a hurricane, this guy kept it simple. It looks like he had a jersey on at one point, but he has taken that off by the time the picture was taken. He’s ready to get out on the field if he can find water deep enough to float in.

That swim cap and goggles combo is going to be meme’d for a while I think. Especially with that fellow fan next to him making a very uninterested face. The Niners were hoping to win this game and get to an even 3-3 record. However, things didn’t go as planned.

When it rains, it pours, the saying goes. Despite dressing for the occasion, I’m sure he didn’t expect to see the 49ers beaten so handily. At the beginning of the game, San Francisco was able to jump out to a 12-7 lead in the first quarter. Then, things got bad. At halftime, they were down 13-12 and from there it only got worse.

Colts Take Down 49ers in the Rain

Carson Wentz and the Colts might have turned things around this season with this win. The 49ers were not able to produce enough offense in the middle parts of the game. The second and third quarters were big goose eggs on the scoreboard for the home team.

Wentz threw for a decent 17/26 and 150 yards. He tossed two into the endzone and ran another in. Jonathan Taylor had a big game, maybe his best of the season. His 18 carries were good enough for 107 yards and a score. This was a sloppy game that saw six turnovers total. The Colts lost two fumbles. Meanwhile, San Fran lost two loose balls and threw two interceptions. Jimmy Garoppolo just didn’t have a good night.

Right now, it is about time to panic if you are a Niners fan. The team has fallen to 2-4 and is not looking great going forward. If they are unable to right the ship in the coming weeks, then this is a lost season for the organization. Just another year to look forward to the draft. When your QB is throwing more interceptions than TDs, that’s a big issue.

Garoppolo threw 16/27 for 181 yards. While he threw a touchdown, he also threw those two INTs. Eli Mitchell also had 107 yards to match Taylor exactly with 18 carries as well. He scored a TD but it wasn’t enough. The weather and defense were too much for the 49ers to handle, even with goggles and a swim cap. Colts took this game 30-18 and improved to 3-4 on the season.