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49ers Pull Out Throwback White Uniforms for Thursday Night Football, NFL Fans Sound Off

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Another week, another throwback uniform that NFL fans are going wild over. This time it is the San Francisco 49ers all-white unis. There have been some icy outfits this season, most notably from the Bengals. These Niners all-whites might be the best in the league.

The 49ers’ white unis are going to look old and outdated in comparison to the bright green of the Seattle Seahawks. However, the subtlety is nice. Fans like a good throwback like this and it has looked really good on the field before.

The black and red striping down the pants matches up great with the font of the numbers. It’s a complete look that Niners fans and other viewers will appreciate.

No better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with some football and season-appropriate uniforms.

“Those [uniforms] and the Giants all-white color rush uniforms are the coldest in the league to me,” one fan said. They weren’t alone, either.

NFL Fans Love 49ers All-White Uniforms

Of course, there are always detractors when something cool happens. But this is an example where the love outweighs the hate. The 49ers uniforms are ready for prime time and this team is ready to try and silence the doubters once again with Brock Purdy in as quarterback.

“You mix the Seahawks’ neon green with these all-white throwbacks, and we got a nice uniform clash on TNF,” one fan noted. It’s going to be quite the sight to see those two different kinds of unis clashing on the screen.

Other fans felt that these unis don’t get enough hype even though people are talking about them today.

“Most underrated unis in the league,” one fan said.

“These unis are clean as hell, one of my favorites,” another said.

Tonight on Thursday Night Football, we’re going to at least have a game that’s nice to look at. Brock Purdy shocked the world with his debut as a starter, he might have a follow-up in this game. Or, he could come crashing down to earth. He’ll look good doing it.

As long as the game is entertaining and worth watching, NFL fans will be happy regardless of the uniforms.