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5-Year-Old Girl Injured in Britt Reid Crash Wakes From Coma

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)

Ariel Young, the five-year-old girl injured in Britt Reid’s car crash is finally awake. The girl has been in a coma since the night of February 4th. Young was in critical condition after the former Kansas City Chiefs’ assistant coach hit the car she was in and one other. Reid has admitted to drinking and taking Adderall before driving.

Britt Reid was suspended by the Kansas City Chiefs after the crash. His contract with the Chiefs has since expired. At the same time, Ariel Young’s family and supporters have been praying for the child’s recovery. Good news came late last night. Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel shared an update from the GoFundMe campaign set up to fund the child’s medical expenses.

In the tweet, Wetzel shared a screenshot from the GoFundMe account. It contained a simple yet important message from the campaign’s organizer, “Ariel is awake.” We can only hope that this is the first in many positive updates on the condition of this brave little girl.

Near-Fatal Car Crash is Only Most Recent DUI for Britt Reid

The crash that saw Britt Reid nearly killing a child due to driving while impaired is only the most recent DUI incident for the former assistant coach. Back in 2007, Reid was booked on road rage charges. According to reports, he brandished a handgun at another motorist after a heated exchange. He was also charged with drug possession during the arrest.

While on bail for his road rage case, Britt Reid was involved in a minor car crash. While intoxicated, Reid drove into a shopping cart in the parking lot of a local sporting goods store. As a result of this incident, Reid pleaded guilty to a DUI and another drug possession charge.

After a DUI crash and threatening another motorist with a pistol, Britt Reid was incarcerated for less than a year. He was paroled to a 15-month substance abuse treatment program. Upon completion of the program, he joined his father on the coaching staff of the Philadelphia Eagles.

At this time, Britt Reid is under investigation for DUI but no charges have been filed. You can keep up with Ariel Young’s journey to recovery or help her family pay for her medical care by visiting the family’s GoFundMe campaign.